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July 6, 2018


जो माँ से मिला, पापा ने दिया
क्या वो है प्यार ?

जो भाई को दिया, बहना से लिया
या वो है प्यार ?

जो दोस्तों और यारो से मिला,
या जो स्कूल की दीवारों पे लिखा
कौन सा है ये प्यार ?

जिसे देख के धड़कन थम सी गई,
या जिससे मिल के मुस्कराहट न रुकी
क्या वही था प्यार ?

जिसको सोच के रात भर मुस्कुराये,
या जिसके गम में दिन रात आंसू बहाये
कौन सा है ये प्यार ?

जो सर्दियों की सुबह को टिफ़िन में भरा,
जो आधी रात तुम्हारे लिए ड्राइव कर के गया
वो नहीं होता प्यार ?

उसके पास न हो कर भी साथ हो,
इसके साथ रह के भी दूर
ये कौन सा है प्यार ?

प्यार पवित्र है, गहरा है, है सीमाओं से परे,
पर क्या चीज है ये, क्या ये किसी के पल्ले पड़े ?

ये है इक ऐसी मृगतृष्णा जो तुम्हे दूर-दूर दौड़ाए,
और तेरे अंदर जो प्यार है उसे तू ढूंढ ही ना पाये
ये बाला है, मुसीबत है, तबाही है समझो,
फिर भी पूरी दुनिया प्यार की ही रट लगाए !!

May 9, 2018

Wordless Wednesday -13

April 26, 2018


·        I created you, You evolved me.

PPS: 6WS (6 word story, is a form of storytelling in just 6 words)

January 8, 2018


A year with no post... but does that mean I had a year which was not eventful or worth sharing? No, not at all. This year was as much eventful as any other year have been so far.

Its true that after becoming a mother my priorities have changed a bit and now I need to make time for my hobbies in places of enjoying my ideal time in hobbies. I can see many mom's heads nodding here☺

in March 2015 our bundle of joy came to us wrapped in blue. 9 months of wait and a painful labor ( which needs a different post to describe our funny stories ) later I get to meet our little Vivaan. And from that moment my life has changed a lot, like it happens to any new mother. Days were long and nights were sleepless. When Vivaan turned 4 months I joined back at work full time, which added to my already busy life. So prioritizes changed and some things took back seat, this blog being one of them. I still tried writing sometimes for some campaigns, as that defined topic and restricted word count was helping me keep my blog alive.

However, when Vivaan turned a preschooler and I tried to take-up more responsibilities at work, "sugerfree" ended up with no posts at all for the whole 1.5 years. But I had hopes that some day I will start writing again, and hence I kept on paying fee for my domain name every single year.

first week of a New Year is usually the time when people make and break resolutions. Like many of you I also took few resolutions and decided to act upon each one of them before I end-up breaking them 😜

I feel the best way to be able to act upon your resolutions is by writing them down somewhere visible, or sharing it with your friends and family. They will miss no opportunity to remind you that how bad it is of you to break your resolution 😂

I wish and will try my level best to stick to a plan and be active on this space as much as I can. And before I press the submit button in excitement let me Wish you all a very - very Happy and prosperous New Year, may this year be more meaningful, eventful, joyful and exciting than last one.... Cheers!! 

July 27, 2016

Our Ideal Yatra

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page"
I am a true believer of this line. There are many trips I have taken till date, few were with friends, few with family, and few alone. But there is this one trip which is very close to my heart, which I and my husband took 2 years ago.

I was in the USA for a work assignment for 4 months, and our plan was to visit Dubai by end of my trip. However due to some last minute changes in my assignment our Dubai plans did not workout. I was very upset about it as I was really looking forward to my first international trip with my better half. Though when our plan failed, my husband came up with a new trip plan. He decided to come to the USA towards end of my assignment and have a road trip here.

Then began our search for cheap International Flights from India to San Francisco with shortest travel time. And finally on 13th July he was there in the USA, I had lots of work on my plate but his presence gave me strength. As I had to go to office too, first few days we explored the down town and nearby food joints only, and decided to go to Las-Vegas on coming long weekend.

We drove a rented car from San Jose to Las Vegas. We did night drive, and reached Vegas after 6 to 7 hours of drive. We had booked our stay in casino Circus-Circus, but we reached earlier than the check-in time so we tried our luck in roulette. Lady luck was on our side that day and we ended the game after doubling our money. It was a nice start to our trip. At 11’o clock when we finally got our room we took some rest. After a good sleep we both got ready and went out to explore the Las Vegas strip.

The energy outside was amazing. There were many street artists out there and there were different shows happening from different casinos. We watched all the must watch shows and explored almost all the casinos on the Las Vegas strip. Around mid-night only we came back to our room, as next morning we had to drive to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon.
We started at 7 in the morning from Vegas to Grand Canyon and stopped by to see the Hoover Dam. Around 2 in afternoon we reached the Grand Canyon. We were mesmerized by the beauty and grandness of this place. By evening 6 we headed back from there to Las Vegas. Around 1 at night we reached back to our room in Circus-Circus and rested.

Next day again we explored the remaining casinos on the Las Vegas Strip and in evening we went to the famous Fremont street. That street has a digital ceiling with vibrant video playing on it with awesome music. It was one of its kind we have seen so far. We explored the city till late night and slept for some time so that we can drive back to San Jose the next day. In 3 days we drove around 3 states of the USA and created memories for life time.

After coming back to San Jose we visited Napa Valley and San Francisco too. Finally I was able to wrap up my assignment with a vacation which was so much fun. This vacation is very dear to me and my husband till date.

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