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March 14, 2010

Big city, Small city

From the time I came to Bangalore my lifestyle changed a lot, Thanks to the fast-paced metropolitan life style :). Every time I go to big malls I feel the difference in living in big city compare to the small one. I thought I will share my thoughts with you all. Let us see how treatment of same issue changes with change in place….

NO 1 #

Small city: Fight with sabji wala bhaiya for 2 Rs/- or for complimentary chilies & coriander leaf, dice all the fresh vegetable yourself.

Big city: Pay 10 Rs/- extra and buy two days old diced vegetable from supermarkets.

NO 2 #

Small city: Car comes out of garage for monthly cleaning or to go for function at some close relative’s place, when invitation is with family.

Big city: Car comes out of garage everyday to go to office or to go for jogging. Only one person sits inside and burns petrol.

NO 3 #

Small city: Cable TV is used to its maximum limit by watching bhakti satsang in morning, daily soaps in afternoon and evening, followed by news at night.

Big city: DTH TV with more than 200 channels, great picture and sound quality is available in every house, but no one has time to watch TV.

NO 4 #

Small city: You know in and out of your neighbor. Even remember their relative’s names.

Big city: Don’t even know the full name of the person living next door.

NO 5 #

Small city: On festivals many dishes are prepared at home, friends & family eats together at home.

Big city: On festivals family goes out to have homemade style traditional food in restaurants.

NO 6 #

Small city: While going out with small babies, bags are used to keep baby food, water, diapers etc.

Big city: While going out with small babies, bags are used to keep the baby (baby sling).

NO 7 #

Small city: Going to cinema or restaurant is luxury. Planning starts weeks before this outing and full family gets in their best attire for this outing.

Big city: Going to cinema or restaurant is a routine. You can easily find people coming to multiplex in their shorts or pajamas.

NO 8 #

Small city: Two hours of travel take you to some relative’s place in neighboring city.

Big city: Two hours of travel take you to your office every day.

PS: If you come across any more differences, feel free to comment :).


Anand said...

Big City:
--> Lot of information are available on Internet.
--> There are a lot of places to visit, restaurants to eat etc. The variety means you can’t get bored.
--> Most of the time, it will be crowdy.

Small City:
--> Definitely, it is less crowdy.
--> You get to know almost everyone.
--> On the downside, there are not not so many touristic attractions, but there may be many villages or other towns nearby, therefore certain opportunities for some tours.
--> A small town, especially one away from big cities offers fresh air

If you wanna go for any outing then at that moment, it depends on the state of mind and level of tiredness.

Unknown said...

Hey nice blog

I like things which are simple and straight n thts what the blog does.

kudos for having spent some time on the blog.*****

Every place has its own advantages and disadvantages
its up to us how we balance the good and bad

Neo said...

Two good difference:
SC:: if you fall sick / and minor accident ( :)) , you will find a line of people to visit you to know abt your health.
BC:: even neighbor wont interested to come and see you.


SC:: if you are bachelor and stay in rented house, house owner / neighbor will keep sending dishes regularly..

BC:: even on festival no one send you sweets..

Nasia said...

Very innovative, loved it!

Anonymous said...

Nice One....Straight from the heart it seems...

I would like to add:

Small Cities: Less opportunities, More happiness,Good Health

Big Cities: More opportunities, More money, Diminishing health, Happiness - whats that??

But, I really like the simple way you put down your thoughts!!

Keep blogging..and hey adopt a would help you blog for long time...

Anurag Srivastava said...

keeping blogging...straight from heart,
a good attempt to show the difference between big city and small city.

Shri Ram Ayyangar said...

You know all the neighborers by name in small places, they know you, talk to you, join in all festivals whereas in city, every one is stranger and act like strangers!

Milana said...

I loved all your points!!! They are so very relevant to today's lifestyle.

Sweta said...

Thank you to all of you for the comments and the support. :)

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan said...

these were some awesome points.. laughed at some them.. so true na.. everythings supposed to be better in the big cities.. yet here I am cant wait to leave Pune myself and head back to my small town

Sweta said...

But I am sure Dr.Roshan after going to your small city you will start to miss your big city's life style :P
It happens.... That is human nature nothing can make us happy forever :)

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