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March 28, 2010

What’s in a name???

“What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”

How true Mr. Shakespeare was. If I am called by some other name, will I change?

My family and relatives call me Lucky, friends call me Miss. T, some boys in college use to call me shooter, on passport and certificates it is Sweta. Different names, but I don’t change my behavior or characteristics depending on the name. I am same with friends, family, colleagues and classmates. (Some differences may come, but it’s based on my relation with them and not because they call me by different name.).

By the way, I am not going to go on the “My Name Is Khan” way, which says that judge people based on their work and character but not based on their name. As the movie has already shown enough on what the above quote mean. Actually, I will share with you how this quote helps me to reduce my guilt whenever I fail to recall someone’s name and create awkward situation for myself and them. Otherwise I have a very good memory which remembers so many birthdays, old incidents, hour’s long pointless conversation I did with my friends and yes TV commercials (I can sing the jingles exactly as on TV. In my friends group this talent of mine is very much hit :) ) and many other unwanted stuffs. But I am name challenged. And somehow I always manage to fall in the soup.

One such incident which I still share with my friends and laugh my lungs out, happened in my previous organization. I was back from home town with lots of sweets and snacks. I was distributing sweets among my office fellows and in that process I went to one of the manager. As I reached his cubicle I forgot his name. I stood in front of him for 5 min, staring at his face. In background I was trying to recall his name but my big brain was giving “Data Not Found” message again and again. The busy man realized my presence and gave me the question mark look. See how brilliant I am, I returned him the same look and asked “What is your name?” his eyes wide open with shock, that how can a fresher ask his name like this. But I was still in the same state of mind. “Actually I got some sweets for you, but forgot your name.” I said. With a deep sigh he broke his silence “well my name is XYZ, from next time I will try to keep my name tag on”. Later I felt sorry for my act, but time once gone never come back, so I remembered the above quote and made my heart understand “what’s in a name…”

Next incident is quite a recent one. I was taking a break after lunch in the breakout area in office or say I was utilizing the full lunch hour. One colleague came and sat next to me. He said ‘Hi’ and started talking. Actually, the poor fellow was only asking questions, and I was so indifferent that I felt it was a viva instead of a conversation. At the end he asked me do I know his name (It was not the first time I met him). I said yes and replied his name. Guess what, the name was correct. He smiled and said “good, you remember my name.” But on the other end it was me, so just a smile can’t be the reply. I opened my big mouth “No big deal, your friends called your name just now. So only I know else I don’t remember everyone’s name :).” My stupid comment took away his smile. Again I felt like a villain and I was very sorry. With heavy heart I recalled “what’s in a name…”

Other then forgetting name, with few lucky ones I remember some other name for them. That’s not the name they got on their certificates, but I feel this name is just meant for them. In college there was this batch mate whose actual name was Pravin. But I always called him Vinay. He tried correcting me again and again but my mind was not accepting it. I always felt Vinay suits him best. After continuous failures in convincing me, he gave up, and started responding whenever I call him Vinay. This time not only me, even he also understood “what’s in a name…”

There are many such incidents and sharing all of them here is not possible. But the point here is, do not feel bad when some name challenged like me forgets your name or calls your name incorrectly or with wrong pronunciation. As our work and character speaks for us, and not only the name. So be good, live happily and forgive the name challenged people :D .


Anonymous said...

Thank God, You remember my name :)

DramaQueen said...
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Lydia said...

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VeeKay said...

Nice topic to blog..I liked the data-not-found message a lot..:) Yeah I do accept wid u that character speaks more than a name..I voice along wid u "what's in a name"??..:)

Arnav said...

Nice, Interesting :)

MaC said...

"What's in a name?"

Well this is very funny that, whenever someone wrote this sentence, every time he/she mention the name of Shakespeare.... LOL :D

BTW nice post... :)

Sweta said...

Thanks to you all for your nice comments :)

MaC, this is the beauty of this line. It is copyrighted by Mr.Shakespeare, so we have to give him the credit for the same :D

Avneet Singh said...

good one !!! true experience !!!

Avneet Singh said...

Unknown said...

awesum @ "No big deal, your friends called your name just now" :D How i wish i was there to see his expression!! :D

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