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April 16, 2010

Shadi Aaj Kal

Today is my parent’s 26th wedding anniversary. Early morning I called them and gave my well wishes. I started for office but all the way I was remembering the stories I heard from my parents and grandparents about how their marriage got fixed and how it took place.

Now I and most of my friends are in the age, where our parents are worried about our marriage. But search and selection process for the groom/bride is very much different than what it was some 20 years back. I thought, let me share my views about the changes seen in arranged marriage process from yesterday to today on my blog. So here’s my view on Shadi aaj kal. :)

No 1#
Shadi Kal: Selection or rejection of boy/girl was based on their photo given for marriage proposal.

Shadi Aaj: Selection or rejection of boy/girl is not based on just their photo. As with the help of new software any one can look awesome in photo. (Now a day’s even swami ji says that the video is morphed :), then what’s there in a photo :P)

No 2#

Shadi Kal: First face to face meeting of boy and girl was in their mandap at the time of wedding.

Shadi Aaj: Boy and girl can’t even think of marriage without meeting in person.

No 3#

Shadi Kal
: No dating, orkut, facebook, email, Gmail, chatting, tweeting, texting, and phone calls before marriage.

Shadi Aaj: dating, orkut, facebook, email, Gmail, chatting, tweeting, texting, and phone calls continue for 2 to 3 week, as a process of data collection which will help in decision making.

No 4#

Shadi Kal: Girl should cook very well. She should be master in all homely work.

Shadi Aaj: Girl should earn very well. She should be ready to pay half of her salary to the home maid.

No 5#

Shadi Kal: You can find the perfect bride/groom through your pandit or relative’s network.

Shadi Aaj: Your perfect bride/groom is just a click away. Thanks to so many matrimonial sites.

No 6#

Shadi Kal: Father wants to know daughter’s opinion about the boy, for which the shy girl makes a hole on floor with her toe and says “Whatever you feel right is ok with me”. :D

Shadi Aaj: Before father gives his opinion about the boy, girl says “Dad, the guy doesn’t have six-packs and he earns only 1L/month. I feel we should look for some more options.”

No 7#

Shadi Kal: A reason to reject the girl “Yaar, she loves someone else”.

Shadi Aaj: A reason to reject the girl "Dude, she told she is a lesbian :( "

PS: At last, how much ever changes we see in the searching and selection process of bride/groom, still the secret behind a successful marriage is same throughout the years. Empathy, responsibility, commitment, love and concern is common among all the successful marriages of aaj and kal. :)

Do share your views or any personal experience about the same on comments :D


jyoti.. said...

gud point .....we all know this things but still we dont kwn wht 2 do with that.....somehow its better to b live in AAj rather KAL....!!
any way happy annivsry to aunt n uncle....:)

abhi said...

हा हा हा...मजा आया पढ़कर...अच्छा लिखी हैं आप....ज़माना बदल गया है, लेकिन अगर पहले वाला ही ज़माना रहता तो बात कुछ और होती..

और हाँ, अंकल-आंटी को मेरे तरफ से मैरेज ऐनवर्सरी पे बहुत बहुत बधाई और सुभकामनाएँ...

Sweta said...

thanks for your wishes jyoti & abhi. :)
Jyoti likes Aaj and abhi likes Kal lets see what other's like more :)

Unknown said...

the issue raised was nice, treatment was good but i still feel sometin was missing.i guess if you had taken account of some of your experinces, if any then it would had been a treat to read. in abscense of which the soul wa missing.still good!!!!!!!

Karan said...

Nice one ,indeed, Time changes or rather flies. However,the underlying truth remains the same -TRUST.The single most important factor involved in any relationship.And I love your point #4 . That's a "real change".

Sweta said...

Thanks Abhishek and karan :)

Abhishek: personal experience will come on this space later :P

Karan: very ture. Trust is the key :)

Sachin Arya said...

Hi Sweta,

funny post!!I hope you dont mind me adding few more to your list:

Shaadi Aaj: The girl will wait for 'Gauna' to happen to move in with her groom...

Shaadi Aaj: If we can 'Live-in' Who eeds shaadi aur gauna?

Shaadi Kal: Family and Relatives plan and handle everything

Shaadi Aaj: Call the damn Wedding Planner!!

Shaadi Kal: (from grooms side) Sagai + Shaadi + Reception

Shaadi Aaj: Sagai + Bachelor party + cocktail + shaadi + reception + some more parties....

Keep blogging!!


Sweta said...

Sachin Thanks for all your points.... very relevant points :)

Robinsh said...

ohh !! you have done a research before composing this pretty good post from your thought, thanks for flashing this image it was going to disappear and should be memorize like this.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I loved the post. . . I loved the "lesbian" point. .

Anil Sawan said...

lol :) sweta, good write up :) u shud have given some extracts of those matrimonial ads as well :P aaj ka aur kal ka!!

Sweta said...

Thanks for your comments :)

Robinsh: I am happy that i was able to make u remember olden days :)

Savvy: Thanks for liking the post :)

Sawan: Very good point you brought out. will do some research on that and make a post :P

And all of you, do come back to my blog for more :D

Gautam S Brahma said...

so true, this is what originality is..time changes people chages too, all points are to be noted.. :D

Gautam S Brahma

Anunay said...

funny post, I enjoyed it....

anamika said...


Got your blog thru is indeed interesting.:)

Sweta said...

Gautam: with time everything changes. only change is constant in this world :)

Anunay: happy that you found it funny :)

Anamika: thanks that You found it interesting, Do come back to my blog again :)

Nasia said...

16 comments!! Wowww! and awesome template!! Your page looks beautiful..

About the topic, now girls have exposure, and they can say no, if they want to.
Thats womens empowerment. :)
But only lucky few like us have the opportunity

Chandrika Shubham said...

:-D Enjoyed each and every line of this post!

Pay my best wishes and regards to ur parents.

Garf said...

You write good. So you have no reason to believe that gender puts u in advantage. :)

Your posts reminds me of something which happened back in my engineering days in the final year. My room mate's parents came in and her mother was talking to him about what they would be looking for in her "bahu"....and she said that she should be good at cooking and looks...a little bit of dancing and singing should be preferable..and she should be well qualified. After they left, one of my friends told my room mate..."if she would be good at so many things and she is such a gem, why would she marry you?"... :)
Nez...keep posting...will be back for more reads...

Sweta said...

Thanks Nasia, Chandrika and Garf for liking the post :)

Garf: funny incident :D

SUNNY said...

nice yaar!! :) fun reading..
its like almost against shaadi aaj kal.. :)
i m totally following you now..

MangoMan said...

No. 7 was hilarious!

Sweta said...

Thankyou guys :)

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