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June 25, 2010

I am what I am

I am what I am” this is one of the common line you can see under the about me section in many profiles on facebook, Orkut and other social networking sites. Whoever writes this, to me it sounds like they don’t want to improve or change in life ever.

I don’t have any hard feelings for them, however I feel this line tells, “I am like this only, take me or leave me”. I strongly believe that we are not the same human being throughout our life. We change always, whether we notice it or we don’t. Not only physically, we change mentally and emotionally too. Our view towards life and others things changes as the life passes.

If you have a flaming nature that does not mean you should be the same throughout your life, your nature will change with time. And if you don’t want to leave things on time, try consciously to calm down yourself and with practice it will become your nature.

It is good to be what we are and we should not pretend for pleasing others. However if we have any negative quality or something which bothers us or our success, we should try to get rid of it rather than accepting it as our never changing attitude.

I never said that I am perfect, but it always bothers me to see people who don’t want to improve. If some time you want to give them any advice because you consider them as your friend and you wish all well for them, they react saying “I am like this only”. You are not living in an isolated land. You are the part of this society. If you bind your self within your limitations, you will never move forward.

I have a friend who used to get depressed for every small thing. Sometimes she used to blow her mind for some not so important stuff. She could have just been the same, and allowed people to hate her for this silly attitude of her. She could have let this one negative side of her to overshadow all her positive qualities. However my friend chose the other way. She started analyzing her mood swings. She started reading good motivational books. With her efforts and time she improved a lot. Today she is a positive and self motivated person.

So the point is this that we can improve our self if we want to. People say "I am what I am" however I would say "You are what you wanted to be". Only we have the biggest control on ourselves. We should not shut all the doors for positive changes and give an arrogant look to others. We are the masters of our life. Always be ready to learn lessons from every big and small thing in life. Pick the pearl leave the shell. Always be ready to welcome improvements in life. Do not shut the door to your success by saying “I am what I am”.


Reshma said...

The line about picking up the pearl and leaving the shell behind is a real gem!!It sums up the attitude required to move ahead in life.But then they say you can only lead the horse to water...If the person is just not interested in changing for the better then even God cant help him...

Sweta said...

Thanks Reshma,
very true..... As rightly said.
"god helps those who help themselves".

Nilesh said...

But then, the statement "I am, what I am" can be a representation of the present state that the person is in, isn't it. Its like tomorrow, when it changes to present day, will be called today and nothing else. So whatever the person is at that moment, is what he is

Nasia said...

Completely second u one this one!

People who keep saying this is what they are, are just lazy to change.

Changing to make ourselves a better person, is one of the best gifts we can give ourselves, and one of the best chances God has given us.

Wonderful idea, great blog!

Nasia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MangoMan said...

So true!!!

Sweta said...

@ Nilesh : "I am what I am" can be used in anyway, +ve or -ve... here I am talking about using it in -ve way, which is not good.

@ Nasia & Mangoman : thanks :)

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