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June 9, 2010

Rest Room GupShup

Past one month kept me very busy. I had lots of work in office and I was suppose to study for my exams too, that was the only reason I had no updates on my blog from last one month. But during this one month I came across many things which I want to share with you all, I will be doing that pretty soon.

During my busy days in office there was one place which gave me rest and quick break from staring at the PC, and that place was the RESTROOM. So I thought why not dedicate this post on the restrooms, which always give us rest and peace.

Now those days are gone, when public toilets used to be a place we visit only when we really need it and leave it as soon as possible. Now we have public toilets which are popularly known as restroom. They are far cleaner and smell fresh like a flower shop.

The ladies restroom in my office is a place which is very neat, smells fresh and is spacious. When you have to talk something personal over the cell phone and don’t want your cube mate to hear, the best place to head to be the restroom.

In my previous organization our office timings were quite odd. Office in-time was morning 7:30. That was real early morning and for sure when it takes you an hour to reach office, you won’t get any time at home to get ready properly. During those difficult times the only escape was the restroom :)
Ladies with a mini cosmetic shop in their handbag, used to head to restroom directly after swiping their ID card. And the scene inside the restroom was same like a wedding house. Where all the ladies want to get ready first, before the groom arrives. Everyone used to try to get place in front of the mirror. I used to comb my hair and observe the dexterity with which few ladies apply lipstick and eyeliner and used to instruct their home maid over the phone at the same time. All the clumsy looking souls use to come out of restroom in tip-top condition. This was impossible if the restroom was not there.

Many times we meet most of our colleagues in restrooms only, and get a chance to catch on each other’s work and life. That is the common place for people from all teams. That’s the place which is free from access control and treats everyone equally.

Even in the malls we can find very interesting conversations and sometimes critical movie reviews inside the rest room. Talks about new fashion, quick recipe or about some actor or art, all kind of time-pass masala you can find in the restroom. And for a girl like me, who like to observe people, this is a nice time pass.

You believe it or not, when I joined my current organization, one friend of mine asked me how big are the female restrooms in my office, before asking my new package. That’s the importance restrooms have in our life :P. Restrooms always give rest to our tired mind and body. I am really thankful to the modern concept of neat, clean, spacious public toilets. And I will take this as an opportunity to thank all the facility employees who keep the restrooms neat & fresh. Who take care of all the mess created by us and make our restroom short-trips smell great :)


SavvY said...

Never had a chance to peek inside ladies restroom. . . . May be thats the reason y women take so much time in restrooms . . . Lol

Sweta said...

ha ha ha ..... say thanks to me for sharing that high level information with you. :P

Nasia said...

I tell this to everyone everyday..

About how awesome MNC restrooms are, and how lucky we are to work in such places.

I second every single thing u said.
A topic i deeeeeeply connect with :)
Mini cosmetic bag! So so true

Loved it.. Awesome topic

Uday Mishra said...

Thanks Sweta for telling insider information about Ladies restroom. Now being manager I can think of optimizing such timewaste and may suggest single occupancy rooms with no mirrors ;)

We want same kind of efficiency as Guys just use restroom for 2 mins!!

Sweta said...

Thanks for your comments Nasia & Uday ji.

@Nasia : I know that you connect very deeeeeply with this topic,As you were that friend who asked about the restroom before anything else :P

@Uday : You can't say guys are more efficient... as they play T.T for 30mins nonstop. :)

25BAR said...

What a story!

SavvY said...

Didn't i say thanks earlier? Oh! My bad. . Thanks a lot for sharing such a confidential info bout gals. . I hope u don't get labeled as some sort of traitor by gals for leaking out this info.

MangoMan said...

Damn! Are ALL females so obsessed with a loo?? :D

I cant imagine a bunch of females "dressing up" in a restroom! Some block in my power to visualize, I guess!!

All smiles (:

Nikhil Bhaskar said...

well, well, well.....nice piece of info, elaborate enuf to draw further out of people

Subodh Taigor said...

I guess it should be very difficult to differentiate between ladies restroom and fish-market...

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