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July 27, 2010

Tragic Emotional Atyachaar

It was sometime last year when I was with my previous organization. I was done with my work in office. Two hours were still there for the office time to get over and I was jobless. It was boring so I went to my colleague’s cubicle to disturb her. We started talking about how jobless we two are and suddenly a mischievous idea popped up in my wicked big brain.

In office we had landline phones in every cubicle. None of my friends knew my landline number so I thought of making the most out of it. I kept my handkerchief on the mouthpiece of the phone, did some voice modulation and called one of my friends. The conversation went like this.

Friend: Hello.

Me: Hello Sir, I am calling from XYZ bank. We are offering you a life time free platinum credit card.

Friend: I am sorry. I am not interested.

Me: Why you are not interested sir. We have so many offers and schemes. This is the best card for you. Take it sir.

Friend: See I am telling you I don’t want this card.

He said that and was about to hang-up on me when I started the real drama. I started crying.

Me: Please take it sir, please take it. I have not got a single customer from morning. I am performing very poor sir. My boss will kick me out if I won’t find a customer today.

My friend being a gentleman was not able to hear a girl crying in front of him. He started consoling me.

Friend: Madam please stop crying. It’s ok. See we can’t perform well everyday. It’s ok, talk to your boss. He will help you out.

I was somehow controlling my laughter. And my colleague closed her mouth with both hands and was trying to control her laughter too.

I made crying sound again and continued the call.

Me: Sir If I don’t get a customer today my boss will take back my job. My mom is very sick, I have two sisters. If I lose this job, how I will buy my mom’s medicine? Who will marry my sister’s sir?

My friend still maintained his calm and was trying to be good to me.

Friend: I empathize with you madam. But I am in-between some serious discussion. I will call you back and take the card. Okay.

This time I failed to control and laughed out loud. On the other side of phone my friend was fully confused. He would have killed me if I was in his line of sight when I disclosed my identity. He was totally pissed off with me, because he left his project review in between and came out to attend the call. We hanged-up the call and continued laughing. But the devil inside us was not satisfied yet. One more colleague joined our wicked group and landed his helping hand by dialing one of his friend’s numbers this time. He told me that this friend of his is very shy to talk to girls. We made our plan accordingly and called him.

Friend: Hello.

Me: Hello Sir, I am calling from XYZ bank. We are offering you a lifetime free platinum credit card.

Friend: I am busy now.

Me: Then when should I call you sir?

Friend: Call me later.

And he disconnected. We dialed him back.

Me: What is this sir? How rude you are. Why you disconnected my call?

Friend: I am busy now. Call me later.

Me: Give me exact time sir.

He disconnected again. We called once more, but he did not receive. Then we called him from other colleague’s landline number.

Friend: Hello.

Me: You can’t run away from me sir. I want your time.

He did not utter a single word and disconnected again. We dialed his number, and it was coming switched off now. We kept on trying but the poor fellow did not switch on his cell. And we all were rolling on floor laughing.

After doing this emotional atyachaar successfully on two victims our confidence level was very high. By then few more jobless colleagues joined the gang. And we decided to attack on our third bakra. One colleague dialed the number and handed over the receiver to me.

Friend: Hello.

Me: Hello Sir, I am calling from XYZ bank. We are offering you a lifetime free international platinum credit card.

Friend: I already have two credit cards. I don’t want one more.

Me: Sir you have two. Take one more no, make it three.

Friend: Sorry, I am not interested.

Now I started the same prank what I did with the first person. I started crying.

Me: Sir my mom is very sick. I have two sisters to marry. My boss will kick me out of this job if I fail to sell you this card. Please take this card sir.

But this man was emotionless. He did not melt with my crying sound. In spite he became angry.

Friend: First of all you stop crying. This is what they taught you in your training? You should not cry in front of the customers. Give me your manager’s number, I will complain against you.

I increased the crying sound.

Me: Very good sir, very good. You go ahead and complain against me. It is my mistake I expected sympathy from a heartless man like you.

This was high time for the guy behind the phone.

Friend: Tell me your name and your manager’s name. I have to complain against you. I won’t take it anymore. Tell me your name now!

He was shouting and he was very angry. We understood, now this is payback time for the atyachar we did on previous two guys. I disclosed my identity and said it was a prank. And I got blasted left and right by him.

Once I kept the phone, we all started laughing. And this is how on the same day I did emotional atyachaar on others and got my share of emotional atyachaar too. :D

P S: This post is an entry to the ”Emotional Atyachaar” contest hosted by IndiBlogger. Please click here to vote…..for me !! :D


Uday Mishra said...

Good hopefully people from your current job also read your blog and make sure you are not without any active task ;) ....

Anonymous said...

Great prank...

Sweta said...

Thanks for your comments :)

Abhiman said...

Hi. This post was quite humourous. The script of the dialog was engaging.


Anonymous said...

Good one. Thanks for the idea ;)

Samir B said...

Really funny... Just reminded my college life or at least my bachelor life when we use to do all such funny stuffs...

But what I have experienced as long as this Emotional Atyachaar are for fun it is always be a good time for all as sometimes you make some one BAKKRA and some times you will be made BAKKRA. But such stuff should not be use as a weapon to blackmail/misguide some one.

Manish Verma said...

nice atyachaar u is called as real emotional blackmailing

Sweta said...

I am glad that you guys had fun as much as we had while doing it :)

@Anonymous : don't try this on me ;)

@Samir : True. Pranks should not harm others.

@Mag: I Love doing that :P

Bitanshu said...

lol!!really emotional atyachar!!

i hope i don't get a call like this!!

Unknown said...

I remember that one.. ;)
I remember the sheepish looks on you boths' faces mixed with laughter.. lolzzzzzzz.. :D

Sweta said...

@Bitanshu : I hope the same for you :P

@Aneesh : Good that you remember... Don't tell to manager ;)

Jil said...

"Tragic Emotional Atyachaar"
I liked the title.

Rajavanya Subramaniyan said...

This was fun! Will try it someday ;)

Sweta said...

@Jil: Thanks Jil.

@Quakeboy: Sure, try it on your friends :) Best of luck

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