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August 13, 2010

Email ( Part - I )

27th April 2008

On that lazy Sunday afternoon he was all alone in the room. His roomies were out for a weekend trip with other friends and he failed to join them due to office work. Rupesh and Sanjeev (his roomies) called him sometime back and said they are having lots of fun; He cursed his manager who allocated him work even on Saturday. He switched on the TV to get rid of the boredom and frustration of missing out the fun trip.

“Sigh! No good program on weekends” and he switched it off. Thought he will chat with someone and switched on his laptop. “Hmmm, so many stupid promotional mails, I should delete them all” He was about to press the delete button when he saw this mail. He felt the urge to read this mail before deleting it. And the mail was like this.

Hey Baby,

Long time…. How you doing??? I got your mail id from shikha. Add me to your chat list and send me your contact number or call me. My mobile number is still same.


His gray cells were active by then to recall anyone named Shakshi. He failed to fetch that data out of his big brain and decided to add that email id and find out who she is. “Anyhow I am getting bored now, and more over if I get to talk to a girl it will be fun only.” a crooked smile on his face this time. To his surprise Shakshi was online in no time.

“Wow! She accepted my invite. Should I ping her or wait for her to make a move.” He was in dilemma when this window popped up. He saw ‘Hi’ from Shakshi and greeted her with a ‘Hello’.

Shakshi: I am so sorry for the trouble. Actually your email id and my friend’s email id are very much similar. I mistaken while noting that down from other friend. Sorry for the inconvenience.

He was still forming an impressive reply for her.

Shakshi: Anyways, I will logout now. I will remove your ID from my chat list. Sorry again and good bye.

“No, I don’t want her to go” without wasting a single second he typed “hey”.

Shakshi: yes…

He: It’s ok. Don’t be sorry. That wasn’t your fault, it happens. And you can keep my name in your chat list if you want, I have no issues   :)

Shakshi: :)

Smiles came from both sides and the conversation picked up pace. Shakshi said that she lives in Bangalore with her friend Geeta, and works for an MNC as a CA. Her native town was Dehradun. He told her how he got stuck with the work and missed his trip. He told her that he works in Mumbai as a software developer and was born and bought up at Bhopal. They talked so much that none of them felt that they were complete stranger to each other sometime back. Four hours passed and the conversation was on until Shakshi logged out saying that her roommate wants her company for shopping.

He was alone again, but happy this time. Shakshi seemed intelligent and smart by the conversation. He made a mental picture of her. And was really happy to get a new friend but he missed to ask for her mobile number. What if she removes him from her chat list? How he will contact her in future.

To be continued ....... here
PS : Do come back to know if He talked to Shakshi again or not? :)



Shady West Side said...

sometimes love finds a strange way to appear...but i have a feeling there is a twist to this!!

Uday Mishra said...

hmmm... this is nice one ... will the next part will be next week like DD Serials or tomorrow like Sony ... ?

Your following is already increasing so keep it up!!

Sweta said...

@Shahid:That will be disclosed in next part :)

@Uday: it will come very soon not like DD.

Truck Driver said...

very similar case with me.... so i took her number then only..... :)

Truck Driver said...

and ya nice one.... i missed this thing in your blog... please next part jaldi se

Sweta said...

@Truck Driver: Wow, you are smart ;)or next part bahut jaldi aaega :)

SavvY said...

I have a serious problem that i can't stop until i reach the last page of a novel. . That is the case with short stories too. . Have mercy and post the next part soon. . I have a feeling that the gal Shaksi is part of some sorta scam in the story. . Lets see . . And happy independence day. .

Unknown said...

fist time i'm visiting ur blog.. Nice storyline.. good one..

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