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August 15, 2010

Email ( Part -II )

Before reading this post author requests you to read part-1 of this story. That will help you enjoy the story better.

28th April 2008

He was quite free in office. He took a hot cup of coffee and logged in to his personal mail account. He was surprised and happy to see Shakshi online. He came to know that she took leave from office because she was not well. That day he was online all the time and gave company to Shakshi. They talked about their likes dislikes and came to know that they have many similarities. They both like butterscotch ice-cream, gulab jamun, old bollywood songs and to top it all both of them like rain. Three hours flew like few seconds. 

Shakshi: Ok, It was really nice talking to you. And thank you so much for the company. I will be logging out now. My roommate is back from office.

He: The pleasure is all mine. And it was fun talking to an intelligent and beautiful girl. Ok give me your mobile number; I will call you once I am at home.

He was shocked by himself for asking a girl's number whom he knew from just one and half day. There was no reply from other side. “Shit! Looks like I made her upset. She will think I am just another flirt asking for her number.” 

After some two minutes he turned towards his monitor and saw message from shakshi. It was her mobile number. “Yes!” he shouted with excitement.


He was lying on bed after dinner and his roommates were watching TV in hall. He took his cell phone and sent a good night message to Shakshi. Five minutes passed and no reply came.  “May be she slept already.” He turned off the bedside lamp and was about to sleep when his cell phone rang. 

He saw Shakshi’s name flashing on screen. Before he can say anything a girl started blasting on him from other side for sending SMS and disturbing her at night. He was puzzled by Shakshi’s behavior. The safest thing he could think of was to apologies, he said sorry but got baffled hearing some girls giggle. 

“Hey, Shakshi here. We girls were playing prank on you. Hope you didn’t mind.”

He smiled “Oh no! No I don’t mind”. He liked Shakshi’s sweet and soft voice.

Now it was a routine for them to chat in morning and talk over phone till late night. His roommates started teasing him that Shakshi is his girlfriend, for which he used to laugh and say they are just good friends but inside he used to enjoy these teasing. 

3rd May 2008

On Saturday evening they were chatting when he expressed his wish to see her. Some 15 minutes later he saw an email from Shakshi, she was offline by then. He used to say that they are just good friends but before opening the email he prayed to god that she should look like the girl in his imagination. The picture took some time to load and anticipation was killing him until he saw his dream girl on the screen. She was fair with big black eyes and pink small lips. Her hairs were long, straight and silky and her red t-shirt was enhancing her beauty. He kept on staring at the picture until his roommates called him for tea.


Four months passed from the time they knew each other. By now talking over phone, chatting and sending SMS was an everyday affair between them. He had feelings for Shakshi but he was shy to confess them to her. However with motivation from his roommates he planned to visit Shakshi next month. He wanted to give her a surprise by proposing her on her birthday. He was extremely excited about this surprise visit, and was counting days for the same. He used to practice in front of mirror whatever he wanted to tell Shakshi while proposing her. He was not sure what gift he should give to his dream girl but wanted to present her the best. Rupesh suggested him for soft toys and Sanjeev felt chocolates and red roses will suit the occasion. But he was not convinced, he wanted to give her something which she can keep with her always and the gift should remind her of him all the time. Finally he settled down for a ring. He ordered for a ring with ‘S’ printed on it. He was busy preparing for the big day of his life while on the other side Shakshi was completely unaware of this. Days were flying and Shakshi’s birthday was just after a week. 

To be continued ...... here

PS: Do come back to find out what happened on Shakshi's birthday.


miltan said...

Before reading this post author wants you to know that this story will be posted in parts so please wait till next post (till the story completes) and this will definitely help you to enjoy story the best.
Way to go....he & Shakshi….I hope the best for them
so far a good one sweta...

Truck Driver said...

now i know how people feel when they read my story in parts


Sweta said...

@Miltan : Thanks :)

@Truck Driver: good, do you got a real time experience. ;)

Manish Verma said...

This is not fair.... u cant break our interest like this....when will be the next part uploaded*desperate*

Uday Mishra said...

I loved the vivid way you have described Shakshi ....

"She was fair with big black eyes and pink small lips. Her hairs were long, straight and silky and her red t-shirt was enhancing her beauty"

I almost was able to see her ....

Good work!!

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