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September 20, 2010

I wish to learn !

Many say I am a quick learner and I always feel the urge to learn new things and expand my area of expertise. So here I am with the list of ten things I want to learn in near future.

1. Salsa Dance: By god’s grace I don’t have two left feet. I have the sense of rhythm and I can move my body on tune, but this form of couple dance is something I crave to learn. Whenever I see this form of dance I feel like dancing too, but I fail because I don’t know the techniques of this dance and secondly I don’t have a partner who will be willing to dance with me :P . But I will learn it someday for sure.

2. Music instrument: I have decent voice and some understating of music but I don’t know to play any music instrument. I would like to learn the keyboard or the harmonium.

3. Investments and policies: I am working from past four years, but still I don’t identify with the Investments and policies very well. I think of them only when I see mails from finance team for investment declaration and tax computation. Now my parents help me in planning Investment, but as time progresses its better if I improve my familiarity with them.

4. Driving Car: This is something I don’t know at all. I have to learn it for sure.

5. Maintaining the lipstick: I wear lipstick only on special occasions but it never stays on for more than an hour. I thought there might be some problem with my lipstick and I bought one which claims to stay from 9 to 5. But all in vain. I see women eating, drinking and still there lip color is fresh, I have to learn this technique of maintaining lipstick while eating and drinking.

6. Knitting: I love the sweaters and scarf my mom and grandmother made for us. Handmade sweaters always feel special; it shows the love and care of the maker. So I want to learn knitting and make something for my dear ones.

7. Working in Saree: I know to tie saree and I manage to walk in it, but whenever I wear saree in office (ethnic day or some other function) my productivity touches zero. Frequent visits to restroom for rearranging it and efforts to maintain it, eats all the time. I wonder how my mom and other women do all their work in saree so effortlessly. Hats off to them :)

8. Cooking: I can cook the basic food, but I don’t know as many dishes as my mom or aunts do. Whatever I know based on that I can say that I am decent cook, still increasing the list of dishes I know is important. I hope it will help me for a brighter future ;)

9. Reiki: I came to know about Reiki from one of my uncle who used to practice this when I was in school. And recently one of my friends learnt it, which catalyzed my wish to learn Reiki.

10. HTML coding: I want to learn basics of this language; this will help me in maintaining my blog better.

This Tag/Idea came from Shilpa. Now I officially tag Nasia, Aneesh, Mayank, Nikita.
And If you like this tag, do share your '10 things you want to learn' . :)


Jidhu Jose said...

check my :

The Enchantress said...

wonderful tag ...

u r so..much like me...

Unknown said...

Harmonium - would be interesting to see you playing that..
Cooking - You are better than decent at that..
HTML coding - When you learn that let me know.. :P

RioZee said...

nice post,

MangoMan said...

salsa to finance to knitting! you ARE random!

Kevin said...

Hi Sweta,

Blogger uses HTML and XML and is a bit difficult to modify. Maybe you should switch to your own domain with Wordpress. It's much better to learn :)

Sweta said...

@jidhu jose: read your post, good one:)

@nikita: same pinch :)

@Aneesh: For seeing me playing harmonium,may be you remember my'pardesi pardesi'. and thanks for praising my cooking.

@Manu: Thanks :)

@Mangoman: I am very random really :P

@Kevin: thanks a lot :)

Manish Verma said...

OMG lots of think to learn....great yaar sweta and seriously i want to answer ur question but m least intrested to learn anything , atleast next 2 years :)

Shilpa Garg said...

Wow! That's a nice wish list! Plan and prioritize and find time to learn all of them, ASAP!!
Best wishes!
Cheers :)

Uday Mishra said...

Following things I can help in -

I am Reiki Master so can initiate you. Very good for spiritual upliftment and first step in metaphysics.

HTML coding very easy 7days 2 hrs each. But for good website Photoshop knowledge is required to create interesting pics.

Stock Market Finance and Investing - 1hrs a day for 6 months I can create a transformation ;) %0% Consistent gain but dedication is required.

Now about Guru Dakshina -

Whenever you make a new dish you need to make for me also !!

PS: Joining Salasa classes in November you most welcome

Sweta said...

@Mag: its ok take your time.

@Shilpa: sure i will... thanks:)

@uday: jaisa aap kahe guru ji.... or dakshina milegi jaaruur milegi :)

Shrinidhi Hande said...

Good wishlist, fully achievable

Karthik said...

Learn all your life and be knowledgeable.If you enjoy poetry and story please visit my blog and rate it!

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