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September 4, 2010


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Everything was out of place, room was messy. Broken pieces of flower vase were still there on floor. Rishi unlocked the door and came inside, gave a sigh to the condition of room and went inside bedroom. Bedroom was also in same state. His almirah was open and bed was covered with heap of clothes. And there she was in the corner of the room, smiling..... “She has such a beautiful smile” Rishi went near her picture. It was Tia’s picture, his beautiful wife.

They were opposite. She was organized, he was clumsy. She used to love books; he used to read books to get sleep. She used to like soft music and he was a heavy metal fan. The differences were countless but they just cared about one thing and that was their love. They met four years ago and soon got into a relationship. Morning they would fight about something and breakup, by evening they would patchup again . There were many big and small fights but their love always stood taller than the fights. They decided to take their relationship one step further and with everyone’s blessings they married last year. After marriage facing each other 24X7 had brought out their differences more clearly. Fights increased but patch up time reduced. Tia was a cleanliness freak but Rishi was opposite. Most of the times fights started because of this and then get diverted to something else. Whenever Tia was very angry with Rishi, she used to go to the nearby park and he used to run behind her and cajole her. They managed well through all small & big fights until last night.


Tia called Rishi in his office and asked him to get the ingredients for the cake she wanted to prepare. When he reached home Tia greeted him with smile.

Tia: Hi, How was your day? And where are the things I asked you to bring?

Rishi: Shit! I just forgot.

Her expressions changed. She went to kitchen to get water for him, and when she came back “Rishi, what is this? How many times I have to tell you to keep your shoes in the shoe rack.”

He took the glass from her “Sorry darling.”

Tia: Oh my god, look at this. You are so careless. You left your watch on bookshelf and morning you will turn the house upside down for this. When will you become responsible Rishi?

Rishi: Hold on! If I misplace my things that doesn’t mean I am irresponsible.

Tia: Oh Yes! I know how much responsible you are, I asked you to bring something but you forgot. I doubt how you work in office.

Now this was enough to hit his ego. “What do you think Tia, I don’t work well in office? Just like that I got two promotions in last two years? Do you understand how much work I do in office? Anyways how will you understand all this, you just sit at home and watch TV.”

Tia: What! I just sit idle all day? Mr. Rishi, you make this house look like a dumping ground and leave every morning, I am the one who makes it look like home again. I cook for you, I do your laundry. I take care of your home and you are calling me lazy. You men think that we women just eat and sleep at home.

Rishi: Oh come on. Give me a break Tia; don’t talk like your daily soap actresses.

Tia: Hey, I don’t watch daily soap all the time.

Rishi: As if I don’t know, How big a fan of daily soap you and your mom are.

Tia: Don’t you dare to drag my mom into this fight.

Rishi: Why not? You always bring my mom in all the fights.

This time the argument was very much heated and the peak point was when in irritation Rishi broke the flower wass which Tia’s mom bought them from Italy. After hour long argument Tia went inside bedroom room.

After some time Rishi saw Tia with luggage. “What is this Tia, are you going to stay in the park for some days?”.

Tia stared at him with anger “You think I do nothing. So now you take care of your house. I am going.”

“But….. Hey Tia, leave it dear. Such small fights are regular between us baby. I will keep my things properly from tomorrow” He tried to cool down Tia’s temper. But she was not ready to listen to him. “This time I won’t listen to your false promises. I am going and that is final. Good bye Mr. Rishi.”

Rishi: Hey Tia, listen…. But where are you going…?

She slammed the door on his face and left.


Rishi called Tia and like last hundred times this time also her mobile was coming switched off. Last night when she left home, he thought she may go to some friend’s place and will return in few hours or by morning for sure. But when Tia’s phone continued to remain switched off and she didn’t return by morning Rishi got tensed. He was not sure whom he should call. Because if Tia’s mom comes to know from somewhere that Tia was not with him last night, she won’t like it. He called few of Tia’s close friends to enquire about her, but didn’t get any information. It was eleven in the night and he had called almost everyone he could. It was more than 24 hours and Tia had not returned home. He was feeling guilty for fighting with her. He badly wanted her back. He took Tia’s picture in hand and his eyes were wet “I am sorry darling, Please come back. I need you. Please….”

Doorbell rang. He slowly walked towards main door, anticipating who could it be at that time? He opened the door and stood there with his mouth open. He didn’t get how to react to it. She entered the house and he was still standing near door.

“Rishi, you didn’t clean the room today?” it was Tia. Rishi took her in his arms, and kissed her “Where were you Tia. I was so scared for you. Why you left me and went away for such a small thing. I missed you so much… And your phone was also off. I got scared”

Tia: I only switched it off. And I went to my mom’s place.

Rishi: What? Why did you do that? Now what your mom will think of me, that I fight with you always.

Tia: You only said I do nothing. So I gave you a chance to see what and all I do back home when you are in office.

“I am sorry. You know once I am angry I talk rubbish. I was waiting for your return. I am so happy to see you back baby” he hugged her. Tia smiled “I missed you too. I was also very angry last night. But I can’t stay away from you for long time. And more over next week is our first wedding anniversary, so I returned today itself.”

Rishi: Next week is our anniversary? Which date?

She threw him away “You don’t remember out wedding anniversary. This is too bad”.

“Oh dear I am sorry. You know my poor memory. We will have a grand celebration for anniversary. Okay?” He somehow managed to avoid the upcoming argument.

Tia smiled in agreement. She went to keep her luggage inside bedroom, and shouted “Rishi…. Again you got your shoes inside; I told you thousand times to keep them in shoe rack.”

Rishi: Oh god! Not again…..

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You have a great sense of story-tellin Tiwari ji :) .. Awesome post...

Sweta said...

Thanks a lot Sharma ji :)

Uday Mishra said...

very nice story .. highly captivating..

So kya gyan prapt hua ?
1) Never start fighting with husband when he come from office!! He is looking for some peace time at home

2) When Men start from office they just want to go home ... without shopping in between ... if you want something ask them just before leaving

3) Men do not remember dates specially birthdays and marriage anniversaries ... so please do not taunt them for that .. just give them cake and tell them why it is there!!

challo baki gyan main kabhi apne blog me doonga ;)

again really good writing...

Unruly Rebel said...

nice post... happy love...happy relations... :)

i blog at

Unruly Rebel said...

nice post... happy love...happy relations... :)

i blog at

Sushant Shekhar said...


You do make good use of ideas lying around on various blogs..good work, keep them coming:)

Dreamer said...

Very realistic. Was an interesting read. All the best!

Sweta said...

@Uday: Hope aapka gyaan logo ko help kare ;)

@Namit: Thanks a lot:)

@Shushant: Thanks :)

@Dreamer: Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Very interesting. I liked the way the story flowed ..
Best for BAT

MuddassirShah said...

Nice story telling and good use of language.

Unknown said...

fantabulous, story telling.. Superb story, nice work..

Sweta said...

@tikulicious : Thanks :) Wish you best of luck for BAT too....

@Muddassir: Thanks :)

@Aneesh: Thank you :)

OP said...

good one !!

Jaspreet said...

Hehe...a sweet return indeed!
All the best!

Reshma said...

The dialogue between the couple, their squabbling is very realistic...You seem to have a talent of weaving a story around everyday occurences..

Shrinidhi Hande said...

nice one. My first time here

Sweta said...

@Op: thanks OP ji :)

@Jaspreet: Best of luck to you too for BAT :)

@Reshma: Thank you so much :)Its all because of the motivation you guys give me.

@Srinidhi: you are welcome again and again :)

Someone is Special said...

I felt the character before my eyes.. Very real... Loved it.. Awesome post..ATB...

--Someone Is Special--

Brijender Singh said...

For someone advocating a sugarfree existence,that was a pretty sweet post !!
Beyond the all-too-familiar banter that gives relationships their spark,i really liked the ending-right back to where it all starts !!
Great writing !!

Sweta said...

@Someone Is Special: Thanks :) ATB to you too for BAT .

@Brijender Singh: Thanks :) and I say my blog is sugar free not sugarless... so it can be sweet but this sweetener is not harmful for you ;)

Hemal Shah said...

so miss story teller, once again you came up with a brilliant story :)

nice to read this... proud that i blogrolled you :)

Anonymous said...

Lol.. Loved it !
Gotta get better with my habits.. I So very much felt like the Rishi character in your story except that I aint married yet ;)

Subodh Taigor said...

1. Give at least one chance daily to your woman to correct you. You will be happy.

2. Being messy is thing of man. Thats why hot chicks falls mostly for Bad Boys.

btw, I am sorry I found this entry bit filmy. Fails to impress me.

Sweta said...

@Hemal: thanks for blogrolling me :)

@Kevin: Thanks :)

@Subodh: Filme samaaj ka aaina hoti hai.... ;)

Sadiya Merchant said...

hehe typically shaadi shuda couple like...gud read :)

miltan said...

good story .......with happy ending....keep it up...

Kshitij KK Khurana said...

Yeah, typical relationship. :)

These little fights help keep things going.. however, problems start only when egos become bigger than relationships.

Good luck Sweta.

Baatein unkahi si said...

very realistic portrayal of typical fights between a couple !!
Lovely story.

D2 said...

Captivating story. You wrote a simple story really well and made it sound interesting. The dialogues were really good.
All the best for the BAT.

Siddhesh Kabe said...

hey you are a great story detail!!!

Sweta said...

Thanks a lot Miltan, Shadiya, Dil se, D2, Kshitij, Siddhesh 'Ravan' Kabe :)

Rinaya said...

It was a really nice one,a bit funny at times, specially the ending..u know how to keep the reader attentive!
good luck!

T F Carthick said...

Nice and simple feel good story. It was the details that made the story truly captivating. The dialogues and scenario were build with so much care that they had a realism to it. That was made ths story interesting. Maybe you could have added a bit more suspense and drama towards the end. (Say he reads a newspaper article about a woman's body found somewhere.) Also you gave the readerer the comfort in the possibility that she could be in her mom's place. If you had somehow ruled out that possibility as well the reader would be really curious where she was. That would have kept the reader on tenterhooks and made it more interesting.

Sidra Sayeed said...

Romance knows no bounds. But I think that this is a rather sweet take on 'disagreement' because one can deal with the disagreements but add anger and you've got yourself a rather dangerous potion.

Manish Verma said...

@sweta.... nice story dear... but y engineer...!!! this is ur story and u have a power to choose anyone than y engineers only :(

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