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September 23, 2010

Shanta Bai

One month back when she shifted from Bangalore to Mumbai, one thing which she missed the most was her ‘Maid’. Setting up the house, cooking, cleaning, and work load in new office, was making life difficult for her. That time the only thing she needed was a maid. She asked her neighbors, colleagues and googled for a maid. She contacted some consultancies for house maid. Searching for job was not as difficult as looking out for a maid in that city.

One fine day, by god’s grace she found one maid through her colleague. Maid was supposed to visit her place on Sunday. She got up early, cleaned the room and arranged everything.

“How come you are so active on Sunday? Someone special is coming?” her husband asked her with a smile.

“Of course… this person is very important” She replied while giving a cup of tea to him.


“It is 11:30 now. She was supposed to come at 11. Why she didn’t come yet” frustration in her voice.

“I have never seen you waiting like this for me” her husband made fun of her.

She gave him keep-your-mouth-shut look and looked at her wrist watch again.

“Relax dear, you will get the maid this time. I have some pending work from office. I am going in the study room.” He said and went. She was still waiting in the hall. After some 20 minutes the door bell rang, she ran to open the door.


Shanta Bai looked over the house to estimate the area she needs to clean every day. She specifically asked, if they have automatic washing machine, because she doesn’t like to waste her time with semiautomatic machine. She checked all the kitchen appliances and inspected the bathroom.

Shanta Bai liked her house and the work she was supposed to do. Now they were negotiating on her salary.

Shanta Bai: Itna kit-kit nako karo memsaab… 7000 fix karo aab, nai tho main jati… khali pili time waste nako karo mera. (Madam, don’t argue so much. Let us fix it for 7000 rupees, else I will leave. Don’t waste my time simply)

She had no other choice but to pay Shanta Bai whatever she asked for, because she badly needed a maid. “Okay, fine I am ready to pay you 7000. But be regular and start working from tomorrow.” She told her.

“Oh so you guys fixed your terms and conditions.” Her husband came in hall to take some book. He smiled and said ‘Hi’ to Shanta Bai. He went back to his room, she turned to Shanta Bai “Fine then, see you tomorrow morning”.

Shanta Bai: Mere ko yaha kaam nako karneka… (I won’t work here)

She: What? But why? I am paying you whatever you asked for. Now don’t do any drama to get more money.

Shanta Bai: Tumhara pati aaise smart ban ke, body deekha ke ghar me ghumega tho mere ko yaha kaam nako karna… Waaise bhi aaj kal hum maid logo kaa hero logo se bahut problem hai. (If your husband will roam around, showing his body like this, I won’t work in your house. Now a days there are many problems going on between maids and heroes.)

She: But my husband is not an actor. He just forgot to wear his shirt and came out. I will tell him to take care. You don’t leave the job.

But shanta bai left.

She was fuming with anger. She ran to her husband.

“What happened? Are you angry?” he suspected.

She: If I had any clue that marrying a handsome guy will cost me so much, I would have never said yes to you…

He: What? What are you talking about?

She: Do you have any idea, what is the value of a maid in woman’s life? If husband leaves us, we can survive, but how can we lead a good life without a maid? My life is finished….



Reshma said...

Hilarious take on the increased dependence on house-maids in a household... nice one but 7000 is too unrealistic amount for a household of two unless its a huge bungalow...liked the phrase "keep-your-mouth-shut look"

Unknown said...

funny story....

Hemal Shah said...

ufff!! that much for a maid!! my goodness.. now i would like to stay messy than get a main inside..

Shri Ram Ayyangar said...

Without a maidservant it would be like 'Jal bin Machali, Nritya bin bijli'!

aativas said...

Ha! Ha! Hilarious :-)

Sweta said...

@reshma: Thanks :). That's what... now days a house maid is so much in demand, they ask what ever they want....

@Aneesh: Thanks :)

@Hemal: hahaha :) lets see...

@Sri ram ayyangar: what a poetic description sir :)

Dr. Pratibha Singh said...

ya truely maids are very important in our lives and agree with Shri Ram ayyangar sir that ''jal bin macchali''philosophy.very well narrated funny story.cheers!!

Uday Mishra said...

arrr 7000 is bit more for maid ... kahan ki story hai ... Delhi or bangalore main 7000 main 2 maid milta hai ... Delhi main stay-in-Maid ka rate 2200 hai... mumbai ka rate pata nahi!!

Last ka twist tried to connect some dots .... good

Sweta said...

@aativas: thanks :)

@Pratibha: Thank you :)

@uday: '2 maid milta hai...' yaha maid milti hai ki baat ho rahi hai ;) BTW good knowledge on maids :P

sanjog said...

i cant stop laughing :) got link to your blog from indiblogger , i am gonna visit your blog daily now , keep up the good work.
And i agree with uday 7000 is way too much for a maid. bangalore mein you will get maid for Rs700 only 10% for that, 7000 for a full year he he.

I am a personal finance blogger
you can visit my blog


Hilarious post ! Loved it :)

Purba said...

Maid in heaven...Maid for each them by any name, but we all know our life depends on them. I call her my knight
with her shining ladle.

But 7000!! WOW

Hilarious post, loved reading it.

Ratnadeep said...

That was awesome!!! It shows the importance of a work-sharing/helping-hands in your life. It would not be difficult to understand why husbands are less important than a person who does all YOUR work.

Rajlakshmi said...

hahahaha :D .. :d ROFL
indeed living without a maid is nightmare :D
Hillarious post :D

Kcalpesh said...

Really funny! House Maid = The most important person in every woman's life these days....

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Sweta said...

@sanjog: u are welcome again and again :)

@Mayank: Thanks ji :)

@Purba: happy that you felt connected with the story :) all women should

Sweta said...

@Ratandeep: thanks :)

@Rajlakshmi: thanks :) and tanks for following me ;)

@Kcalpesh: thank you :)

M'Bai Madrasi said...

Indeed a fantastic post
complete ROFL :-)

Thousif Raza said...

that one was nice :) :D.... really funny ha ha i'm laughing so loud in the college lab :P

sweta you have some really nice and funny talent :)

following you :)

take care and keep writing...........

Anil Sawan said...

hahahaha lol, maid's role indeed :D
nice one.

guess its the metros thts hit the most. in bangalore a maid asked for 2k for sweeping daily and moping [twice a week]. :O

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