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December 20, 2010


This post is written for BLOGESHWAR  and Anubhooti

“Sourav, get up dude.” Kunal kicked his roommate. “I am leaving for office. Don’t you have shift today?” he asked Sourav.

Sourav rubbed his eyes and stared at Kunal. “Why are you looking at me like this? Something is wrong?” Kunal asked him.

“Well as much as I know, you don’t have much work now days. Neither there is a party in your office today. Then why have you dressed up so well and leaving for office on time?” Sourav was confused.

“You get up and get ready. There are already 5 missed calls from your cab driver.” Kunal winked at him and left for office.

There was a spring in his steps and smile on his face. He was feeling very good today. But this was not the case till some days back. One month back the scene was entirely different.


He was having his evening tea in cafeteria with his colleague cum best buddy Shiv. “Kunal, yaar what is life?” Shiv asked Kunal.

Based on this question, don’t judge Shiv to be a serious guy. He is a happy go lucky person. By hearing his jokes, no one can think that he was the university topper and a very studious guy. He was Kunal’s cubicle mate from last three years and seeing each other 5 days a week for more than 8 hours made them very good friends. During the hectic work in that R&D organization, Shiv’s jokes were the only relief for Kunal. He used to love his company.

“What happened dude, why such a serious question today? Everything is fine right?” Kunal patted Shiv. 

“Yaar, we have studied so hard, got admission in a reputed college. Again we studied so much, to get job in big research and development organization. But what is the end result?” Kunal was looking at Shiv with questions in his eyes. 

“Least scorer of my class is also earning well, and enjoying life. Yaar look at these call center guys, they get to spend time with beautiful girls throughout their office hours. And in our domain there are no girls.” Shiv continued.

Kunal interrupted “Dude, there are some 6 female employees in this site.” Shiv gave him shut your mouth look and said “I am talking about beautiful girls, not about Madam Prabhawati who applies so much oil in her hair that she can easily supply coconut oil to whole Germany for full one year. Or Madam Sheila, who wears soda bottle glasses on her eyes.”

“Dude, but I don’t think they use coconut oil in Germany.” Shiv stared at Kunal in response of his question and they both burst out laughing.

This used to be a common topic of discussion over their evening tea. They concluded that most of the good looking girls go for modeling and films. Some other who can study also with cute face, goes for MBA or journalism. And the rest 10% not so good looking geeky girls come to engineering colleges.


Kunal was going through some online document, when he got a tap on his back by Shiv. “Yaar stop reading this boring document. Listen to the interesting news I have.”

Kunal: And what is that?

Shiv: There is a vacancy in Human resource department.

Shiv winked while saying that. Kunal was really puzzled that how come this is a great news.

Shiv: Yaar, remember our conclusion? MBA, Human resource….. This time for sure a girl will join.


Yesterday, Kunal went to Shiv’s cubical to call him for tea. 

Shiv: Yaar, the selection process is over. Have you seen this mail? 

He was referring to the email opened on his computer. 

Shiv: For the vacancy in HR department some Suman has been selected.

Kunal also got excited by seeing Shiv’s excitement. Throughout their tea break Suman was the topic of discussion. 

Kunal: What was exactly written in the mail dude? She is single right?

Shiv: Yes right, they have mentioned her sandal number also in that mail.

Kunal: Are you kidding me?

Shiv: Are you out of your mind. How come they will give her relationship status in that mail? The only thing written there was candidate selected for HR post is Suman Sharma.

Kunal: That’s all?

Shiv: yes that’s all. 

He smiled and continued. “Have patience yaar, tomorrow you will get to know everything about her.”


Today Kunal woke up early and got dressed for office before time. He did not want to miss the introduction of new employees during the quarterly meeting. 

There was a spring in his step and smile on his face. He was feeling very good today. 

He reached office and straight away went to Shiv’s place. “Dude, is this you. How come I am seeing you in office before 9’o Clock?” he asked Shiv.

Shiv: You are seeing me early for the same reason, which made you wear your best shirt today.
They both started laughing. 


All the employees were sitting in the office auditorium and the quarterly meeting started in few minutes.

There were lines of presentations by different department heads about their progress and future goals.

Shiv: Don’t they know that no one is listening to them. Why are they boring us yaar.

Kunal smiled. 

After an hour it was turn for the HR department presentation.

Kunal: Dude, just this presentation. Then we will get to see Miss Suman. 

He had a mischievous smile on his face. Shiv showed thumbs up to him and smiled back.

After 15 minutes the presentation was over and the HR manager said “That was all form our side. And now I request all the new joinees in this quarter to introduce themselves.” 

Both Kunal and Shiv started listening to the introduction consciously. Some four introductions were over. “When Suman will come yaar.” Shiv was eager. 

And then they heard this voice “Hello everyone. I am Suman Sharma.”

Shiv was staring nonstop at her with his mouth open. Kunal said “Dude, She is good.”

Shiv: good? She is awesome yaar.

They both listened to Suman’s introduction very carefully. And as she finished, Shiv turned to Kunal “Yaar, after this meeting we have common lunch. There we will talk to her.”


Both of them were keeping eye on Suman, to get a perfect chance to talk to her. 

Kunal: Dude, how we will start the conversation?

Shiv smiled and said confidently “Don’t worry, that will come there automatically. On the go.”

They saw her talking to the other ladies and they were waiting for her to move away from that group. 

They were still discussing, that who among them will talk to her first when they saw Suman talking over phone and walking towards the main gate. 

Kunal: Hey, She is going outside.

Shiv: Yes, She rushed all of a sudden. May be she will need our help. We should go behind her.

They both rushed to the main gate. And there they saw something which shattered their dreams.

They saw a little girl. Who came running to Suman, hugged her and said “Mummy….” 

Shiv and Kunal were shocked. 

Kunal: How can she be a mom? She is married?

He looked at Shiv, who was still staring at Suman. He made crying face and said “This is cheating Yaar. I am going to sue all the anti aging cream companies.”

December 4, 2010

अगर मैं होती परी

अगर मैं होती परी, तो दूर आसमान में कही उड़ जाती |
मैं होती परी, तो इन्द्रधनुष के रंग तेरी जिन्दगी में ले आती |
मैं होती परी, तो दुनिया में प्यार भर पाती |
मैं होती परी, तो तेरे सारे दर्द हर जाती |

हूँ मैं इक आम लड़की, जिसके पास नहीं कोई  जादु की छड़ी |
सच्चा दिल है, और होठो पे है मुस्कान बड़ी |
 कोशिश की ये मुस्कान तेरे होठो पे भी लाऊ ,
जीने का एक ढंग नया सिखलाऊ |

 मिल के हम इस दुनिया को जन्नत,
पुछेगा कोई बच्चा "माँ, कब आएगी परी?"

अगर मैं होती परी......... 

December 1, 2010

Wordless Wednesday -7

PS: They are someone's dinner.
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