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February 22, 2011

It’s a year

A year before today, I was happy reading blogs of my friends and writing comments on them. I used to love reading them in my spare time, few friends suggested me to create my own blog after seeing my inclination towards reading. However I was always scared to share my views on anything to the whole world on Internet. 
With constant motivation and push from few close friends I decided to start my own blog. I searched for availability and luckily got the URL I wanted. Then the next big question was the name of the blog. I brainstormed few names and was very confused that which one I should keep. To fresh up my mind I thought of grabbing a cup of coffee. And there in cafeteria, It was eureka moment for me. Yes! I found the name “SUGARFREE”.
I have to say, my blog impacted my life in many good ways. It helped me vast my knowledge on many things. My social circle became bigger, met many new friends because of our same hobby of blogging. And it made me get trap more and more in the widest net of the world the Internet. It helped me bring out the story teller in me. Love and motivation from friends and readers made me feel like a star, and the criticism motivated me to come up with something better next time.
Today I want to say thanks to all you lovely people out there for the motivation and love you gave me and to my blog. A big hug to all the readers and people who comment and help me improve. It feels great and I love you all. J

February 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday-8

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