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May 23, 2011

Getting Married

From last two months I was extremely busy and I didn’t get any chance to update my blog. Regular updates for blog is like fuel for the car, and by not updating it for long two months I must have lost many readers. However if you will know the reason which kept me so busy these days you guys will forgive me for sure. :) I was busy with my marriage, which took place on the 6th of May. Some of my friends asked me to share my experience of getting married with them and so here I am.

The day my wedding date fixed all the family members were busy congratulating each other or discussing when to do which ritual, but I was busy deciding what I would wear and how I would look? From childhood itself, like every other girl I also used to dream about looking gorgeous on my wedding day. I used to have lots of work in office those days, still every evening I went for shopping. (For girls the best part of getting married is shopping, then some more shopping and lots of shopping :D)

But the actual feeling of getting married started when I went to my hometown Jamshedpur and the rituals started at home. There was some or the other puja every day. For some of them I was supposed to keep fast also. However all the nights were fun-filled because of the ladies sangeet. The elder used to sing folk songs and the younger ones used to shake legs on Bollywood beats. It was real fun seeing mom & dad dancing, and there was no excuse for the bride too. :)

Finally the wedding day arrived and I must tell you I was super busy that day. Different rituals, arranging my stuffs, parlor’s appointment, all this kept me so busy that I had no time for a quality talk with my mom and dad. As we do night weddings and there was a reception before that so I went to parlor at 4 itself, with clear instruction of being present in reception hall by 7 in the evening. But what’s the fun if people don’t wait for the bride ;). I was late for the reception by one hour. Then standing and smiling at each and every guest was a real punishment, add to it my wedding lehenga was really very heavy. After reception the actual wedding started somewhere around 1 at night and went on till 5 in the morning. My sister and cousins had good time taking neg (money) from the groom for juta churai and dwaar rokna. By end of the wedding I was very tired and sleepy. But during vidai when I saw my mom & dad crying all my sleep went off and I was also emotional.

Wedding was over but my journey as a married girl started from that moment. Before coming back to Bangalore, for some days I stayed with my in-laws. I was tensed before wedding, what if I didn't fulfill the expectations of my in-laws. But I must say I am very lucky to have such caring and loving in-laws who treated me just like their own daughter and sometimes even better than that.

Currently we are back to namma Bengaluru and back to our jobs. Now I have someone to share my work and care for me. I used to be very scared that I need to change a lot after marriage and I won’t be able to keep up to that. But I got my perfect match, who accepts me the way I am and loves me whole heartedly. So all in all the journey of getting married was wonderful and I hope to have a lovely married life ahead for us. :)

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