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June 19, 2011


Some days back I was talking to my Papa over phone. We were talking something related to remembering birthdays, for which papa said “I remember only two day, my wedding anniversary and your birthday”. I asked him why it is like that, but he didn’t know the reason behind. Later I thought and concluded that these were the two days which changed his life in the biggest possible manner. Firstly on his wedding day he transformed from a carefree guy to a responsible man. And secondly on my (their 1st child) birth he changed from a responsible man to a FATHER. Being a mother completes a woman, similarly being a father makes a man responsible and serious about life.

Fathers are the first man in a girl’s life. We look at them as our heroes, who can save us from mom’s scolding and can get us ice cream and chocolates whenever they come back home. It is always hard for us to believe that even Papa was a kid once and he had tough time learning to drive.

Being from a working class family, where a fixed amount of money used to come home every month, Papa still fulfilled all our (me, bro, sis) wishes, gave us good education and all the luxury and comfort needed in life. I know Papa, you love all your three children equally but this is also true that you are always biased to your girls :). I love you even more when you say “my daughters won’t live with me throughout their life. So I want to give them everything they want to have”.

How can I forget, because of my painting classes you used to sacrifice your Sunday morning sleep. On every national holiday you used to get up with me early morning for dropping me to the NCC parades. I remember how much you ran behind me to teach me cycling. Similar efforts were there from you while teaching me to ride my Honda Activa. All your evenings used to be busy giving me riding lessons. You were the first one to congratulate me on every success and the last one to scold for my blunders. I still remember when mom was out of town for a week and I (who was cooking for the first time) used to cook, how much ever bad it tasted, you always appreciated my preparations.

I completed my school and college and when it was time for me to make my own identity, I know you faced difficult time convincing some known faces that if your daughter wanted to work in some particular field and for that if she had to live all alone 1834KM away from you, it was alright. You always trusted your children and motivated us to prove your pride right. You gave us whatever we asked for and at the same time protected us from getting spoiled. All the times you welcomed our opinions and motivated us to give our feedback for any important decision taken at home. You taught us how to live and let others live happily too.

There is no need to wait for a special day to say thanks to you for the love you gave me. Still on this Father’s day I don’t want to miss the chance to let you know how much I love you. Papa, you mean the world to me.

As days have turned to years
and you have watched me grow up…..

From that little girl who made you smile
into the woman I am today….

One thing has never changed….
have always wanted nothing more than
to make you proud of me.

With all the love in my heart I wish you…. 


P.S: This is my 50th post.... I completed half century!! A Dad-Daughter relationship can be like this too.


maithili said...

such a touching post! your father will be a proud man today :)

Rajlakshmi said...

such a beautiful post... loved it.

jyoti.. said...

hey nice sweety , vry heart touching and true post ..keep it up ,happy fathers day to all wonderful dad of the world ...really they are just great. !!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post! Here's wishing your dad a very happy father's day! :)

Sweta said...

@Maithili: I too want the same :)

@Rajlakshmi: Thanks :)

@Jyoti: true gal!

@Lavender: Same to you too :)

Nasia said...

well written..

Unknown said...

classic you. good post.

Chapters From My Life said...

Awww .. that was so beautiful.

Sweta said...

@Nasia: Thanks!

@Aneesh: Thanksyou :)

@Farila: Thanks :)

ओमी said...

shabash !! aise hi likhte raho aur papa ka nam uncha karte raho :)

Unknown said...

hi sweta... i m just moved by this post of urs... remembering my father.. love u papa.. always :)no matter how far u are....

- ur new follower

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