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February 11, 2012

Black and White

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I entered the dark room only to find my snow-white, my beautiful wife. " Her white skin glows even in darkness"  I thought. I hugged her lovingly, but felt something went inside me and took out my life.
"Black and white are not meant to be together" She said and left my lifeless body on floor.
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Harsha Chittar said...

Very well written 55, I have great respect for people who can write 55 fiction and this one is a very good one.

Gyanban said...

Ouch of a story! Nice.

Sweta said...

@Harsha: Thanks!

@Gyanban: Thankyou !

Anonymous said...

Ok just shocked by the story. Nice concept

Someone is Special said...

Aw what a story.. Beautifully written 55 Fiction :-) All the best..

Someone is Special

Sweta said...

@Sid: Thanks for liking :)

Sweta said...

@SIS: Thanks alot!

Reshma said...

A brutal post I must say, but the contrast is brought out well...

D2 said...

Racial wife?
Nice write.

the critics said...

why she did that?............... a good take and a sad one:(

rajathecritic - BLACK AND WHITE

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