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March 7, 2012

My Sunglasses, My Style

I read about this contest “My Sunglasses, My Style” on Blogadda, and I was very excited to take part in it. I love Sunglasses; they not just act like protection for eyes but also add a style to the whole look. I wear my sunglasses whenever I step out in sun. Some days when we make a plan to go out somewhere for a causal outing and I do not have much time to dress up, my shades save me. I love big frames and dark shades as they go very well with my skin tone.
 So I went through the sunglasses collection of, and I must say they have a huge collection. I had tough time deciding what to take and what not, because everything was so good.  Finally I zeroed on these two Sunglasses.

Sunglass Number 1:

This is a DOLCE&GABBANA square shape Sunglass with purple lens (Modal number: DOLCE&GABBANA DG 4074)


I chose this because I love the purple shade. This will look great in day time, and the purple shade will relax the eyes in harsh sun. I can wear it for casual as well as formal outings. The look I will pair it up with can be a lavender color Shirt or a white long T-shirt with dark color skinny denims. I will pull my hair away from my face to make a messy bun or high ponytail. I will wear a big round dial watch with it, and keep the style minimalist.

Sunglass Number 2:

This one is an Aviator from Ray-Ban (Modal number: RAY-BAN RB 8301).



This one is a lighter shade, so I can wear this in day as well as night time. It has polarized lenses, which helps reducing glare and gives clear vision. They are great for driving at night time, this is one of the reason I selected this Sunglass. So this one I will pair up with my funky printed T-Shirt and capris, or Jeans to have a fun look. I can also team it up with my checked Shirt and Jeans. I will leave my hair lose or will make a side ponytail. I will wear some beaded bracelets too.I will also do little eye makeup with mascara and kajal, as this sunglass has lighter shade lens, my eye makeup will be visible through them.


When I remove my Sunglass I use it as an accessory by I hanging it on my T-shirt’s or shirt’s neck or from my Jeans front pocket; sometimes I also hang it on my handbag. I also like to hold it in my hand. Because when we have empty hands we mostly fold our hand and stand, but if we have the shades in hand we automatically get a posture and it looks good.

These are my two looks with these wonderful shades, what’s your?

This entry is a part of the contest at brought to you by GKB Optical Sunglasses

And guess what, I won it :D


Reshma said...

So Summer is here and out come the shades!!
Loved your DNG look:)

Sweta said...

Thanks Reshma :)

My Unfinished Life said...

nice picks.....two classic sunglasses frames!!!

Sweta said...

@Shooting Star: thanks :D I loved them.

Arvind Passey said...

Quite an interesting post... and congrats for winning!
I didn't win but will love to have your comments on my post:

Sweta said...

Thanks Arvind ji... After seeing ur comment i came to know that I won the contest :)

Stew said...

Very nice sunglasses. That will be perfect for my mens designer hoodies to go with. Thanks for sharing.

Mila said...

Nice sunglasses :-)

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