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March 4, 2012

When Journey Meant More Than Destination

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I entered the club, and went straight to the bar. “Good Evening Sir, your special drink?” the bartender asked me. I smiled and nodded in agreement. I was very frequent to that place so all the staff knew me. I glanced through the crowd and turned to the bartender who was making my drink. “Here you go Sir.” He gave me my drink. I raised the toast and took the first sip of the drink. I was enjoying my drink and the music there when I saw her, sitting with her friends. Her golden locks and killer red dress were making her look smoky hot. I inspected her from top to bottom but she did not notice it, as I was sitting quite far from her. I asked the bartender to make a drink for the lady and give it to her from my side.
In next 10 minutes, the drink I sent for her was back on my table. “Tough chick.... I like it” I thought and smiled.
Next day I was in that bar again, I ordered my drink and started waiting for her. I was sure that she would come, as I had got this news from my sources in the bar (I told you I knew all the staff here). She came after 30 minutes, in a little black dress. This girl knew fashion very well and was beautiful too. Today I decided to go and talk to her face to face. I walked to her table, and asked her “Can I buy you a drink?” She pointed to her wallet and said “Thanks, but I like to buy my own drink”. She turned back to her group and did not bother to see if I was still standing there.

Since last three days I was trying to talk to her but nothing worked. Today I came to the club with a new plan. When she came and settled with her friends I sent chocolates for her, and this time she did not send them back. No women can say no to chocolates, and when its wine chocolate it works wonders. I also sent a note asking for "Coffee tomorrow morning". I saw her opening the note and then she kept it in her purse, as if she saw nothing on the paper.

I was there at the coffee shop, with a bunch of 11 red roses, and she was 20 minutes late. She wore a white frilly skirt with floral top. She walked straight to my table and said “I will take an Irish coffee.” “Anything you love. Well, this is for the lovely lady” I gave her the flowers. Again flowers did their magic. We sat there for two hours and talked nonstop.

Next week we meet every evening. We went clubbing, movies, everything was so much fun.
“Here is your place your majesty” I drove her to her place after the dinner. I got down and went to open the car door for her, every girl loves to feel like a princes and I knew that. She held my hand and came out of the car. She waved her hand and we said goodbye. But suddenly she turned back to me and asked “Would you like to have some coffee?”  “Sure, why not?” I agreed instantly.

We came to have coffee but I found a wine bottle in her kitchen so we decide to have that. She looked sensuous in her night gown and the dimmed light added the to the effect. She came and sat very close to me, I was not able to resist any more, I kissed her. She stopped me initially but later started responding to my kisses. We had a wonderful night.

I left her place early next morning. When I was in office I got SMS from her saying “Last night was so beautiful, I am missing you so much”. I read the message but could not feel any excitement or happiness. I deleted the SMS, and saved her number as “DO NOT ANSWER”.  Yes, I reached the destination of this journey. The surety of destination never excites me as much as the unpredictability of the journey. I am a chaser. I love to run behind the beauty until I get it. To me, the journey means more than the destination.

PS: Reports say that many men get the feeling of fulfilment in chasing. you can see this link.


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aativas said...

Well, you have well captured a 'man's perspective!

viva_andya said...

yo! i liked the ending. good story.. keep it up:)

RaNiiiiii said...

wohooo.. killer story..

Sweta said...

@Aativas: Thanks :D

@Viva_andya: thankyou!

@RaNiiii: Thanks for liking :)

Reshma said...

Loved the way you have managed to bring out the male perspective with such clarity... The message that its the journey that is more fulfilling than the destination is subtly conveyed. Good post:)

Miss D said...

That's a very Barney-story I guess. And I think you've made quite a fun choice as far as selection of content goes!

All the best!

Sweta said...

@Reshma: thanks for the kind words :)

@Enchanta: this subject is not just fun, report says there are many men who can't settle down in their life because they love to chase..

D2 said...

All men love to chase. It's just the point in their lives when they decide they've had enough that counts as a strong decision.
Nice story. :)
All the best.

Simran said...

Superbly done :D
Enjoyed reading you ..
Following you now! :)

Freelancer said...

oh not true for every men..

In a real life scenario, he would go around for a few more nights before ditching her :P

anyway, as i said, this is not always the case. And i have met worse girls too...

Anyway, wonderfully done. All the best for BAT

dishitd said...

interesting take! :)

Rinaya said...

Agree with's so Barney type..:P
But beautifully written of course.. :)

Namrata Mahalingam said...

hahahaha :D

That was nice! I liked it! :)

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