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May 26, 2012

Friends and fun, in the Sun

I entered my office, and the cool air of AC made me feel better. “Oh it’s so nice inside, It is horrible to walk in outside in summers.” I said to my cubical mate and opened my mail box. It was flooded with mails asking for status update, bugs found in my code, meeting schedules etc. “It is going to be a long day” I thought and started working on my code, and then I heard the beep of a new mail. I was suspecting it to be one more meeting request, and when I saw the mail I was surprised.It was from one of my dearest friend Kyra.
Kyra and I studied in the same college, and she was my roommate in the hostel. She was a fun loving, outgoing, bubbly and beautiful girl. We had a group of 6 girls, all of us used to have so much fun together that we used to wish that the college life never ends. But like all good things, our college life also ended. We all moved to different paths to make our careers. Kyra was very much interested in photography, and she decided to make a career in that.  Later I came to know from Suman (one of the girl from our college group) that Kyra got job in a leading magazine, as a photographer and she lives abroad. 

As the year passed we all got busy with work, and lost touch with each other. Today when I saw Kyra’s mail that she is coming to India for a photo shoot, and she wants to meet all her friends, it took me back to all the good time we had together.

One more beep, and I came out of my thoughts. Richa (one of our friend) replied that she is in for the meet, and we should plan to make it more fun by doing some trip. I thought what fun we can do, when it is so sunny outside. And one more reply came, one by one all the friends agreed for the meeting and they were pouring ideas for fun activities. Someone said we should do some street shopping & go to our favorite food joints like we used to do in college. Few wanted to go to a resort and have fun in the swimming pool. After some 9-10 mails, they decided to go to Goa.
Till now it was just me, who has not replied. “Is it just me who is scared to step in sun?” I sighed. “And why not I should be worried of getting tanned in sun, I have my sister’s wedding to attend, just after a month.” I thought and decided to say no for the meet, though the tempting beaches of Goa were making it difficult to say no.

I was composing the mail; somewhere I was feeling bad for missing out all the fun with friends, and the chance to meet my dear friend Kyra. I had no other choice but to skip this meet. I was about to send the mail, when my phone rang. It was an unknown number, I received the call, and it was Kyra’s call.
“Hi Sweety, what’s up?” She asked me in her own casual style.

“Oh my god! I am so happy you called. You had my number?” I was very excited.
“No I did not have but I managed it somehow. You know, when I did not see your reply for my mail, I thought how come my roomie is not game for this fun meet. So I called you to check that you saw the mail or not.” She said.

I kept quiet for some time, I was feeling bad to say no to her, at same time I was not sure about going for the trip.
“What happened, any problem? You always used to be the first one to jump in for any fun activity. Common, tell me is there something wrong?” She sounded worried now.

“Actually Kyra, I would love to join you guys. And I so much want to meet you and have fun as our good old days. But I have my sister’s wedding to attend next month. And you know, she won’t like me to look like a burnt chicken in her marriage.” I explained.
“Oh so you are scared of sun. Common girl, you can’t say no to the trip for this small reason.” She giggled and said “Stop worrying about your skin and leave it on me. I have a magic wand to solve all your skin issues.”

“Are you sure?” I was worried.
“Of course darling, Trust me on that.” She smiled.

Kyra used to take very good care of her skin and she knew quit a lot about different skin care products, so I believed her words. “Okay, if you say so. I am in for the trip” I said.

We promised to meet next week and disconnected the call.


We reached Goa, It was very nice to meet all my friends and my sunshine girl Kyra.
It was again me and Kyra who were sharing the room. “It is so sunny, Kyra where is your magic wand?” I asked her while removing my scarf. She smiled and opened her bag and handed over a gift box to me. “What is this?” I asked her while opening the box. I opened the box and found some Lakme sun expert products inside it. I looked at Kyra and she said “This is what I was talking about, my magic wand to keep your skin sun-safe”. Then she explained me about each product, how to use them and how it helps. It sounded so good and tempting.

I applied the product and got ready to hit the beach. We played volleyball, had fun in the sea water, and did some beach side shopping also. In evening when we came back to our hotel, I saw that my skin had no signs of tanning. I was amazed. I hugged Kyra and said thanks to her, for sharing her magic wand with me.
We were talking about our old times and how life is going now, and then I got a call from my sister.

“Hello, Miss Bride to be. What’s up?” I asked my sister.
“Oh… don’t ask me how difficult it is to do all the wedding shopping in this sun. I am so much worried about my skin.” My sister sounded worried.

I giggled and put her on loudspeaker and said “I have a magic wand, which will protect your skin against sun.” Then I and Kyra explained my sister about the Lakme Sun expert products and she agreed to buy them and use them regularly.
After the call I told Kyra that because of her I and my sister came to know about the Lakme Sun expert products, and now we can step out in sun without any fear of skin damage. She smiled and said “I told you, you will love it. Now let’s sleep, we have a long fun filled day tomorrow.”

I smiled and said good night to Kyra and a silent thanks to Lakme Sun expert.

This is my entry for indiblogger "The Lakme Diva Blogger Contest".


May 13, 2012

What it takes to be a Mother

As a child I used to hate it, when my mom used to scold me for anything. I was too young to understand that she is correcting me for my good only. But today when I look back, I see a part of her in everything I did/have in my life.

My mom was married young, but she was passionate towards studies. My dad supported her in each step and she did her graduation, masters and then a B.ED course. Finishing the course with good grads and taking care of three small kids and a big joint family was not an easy task, but she managed them all. When it was time to taste the fruit of her headwork, her in laws went against her working outside. She had no one to look after her kids; she gave up on her career dreams and accepted the position of a full time mom. She always took care of us with smiling face; however the pain of not following her dreams was always there. She used to console herself saying “What if I did not get to make a career, but by taking care of my kids I am shaping three careers for future.” today when her kids are doing well in lives, she feels so proud. Here I learnt that being a mom means keeping her kid’s wishes and dreams before her own.

Many times mom used to get angry for things, but she never allowed her feelings affect the household work; she took care of everyone the same way. That taught me, whatever we feel emotionally, we should fulfill your duties and responsibilities with full heart and commitment.

There are so many big & small things I learnt from my mother. Though I am a different individual, I am a reflection of her.

At times I think, will I be a good mother? Well, I will try to be one. Because I know it very well, that being mother doesn’t mean just giving birth to new life, it means lot more than that. The love, sacrifice and dedication a mom has for her child, no one else can have for anyone. That’s the reason, which gave the mother higher position than god.

PS: Today on “Mother’s day” I wish a very happy mother’s day to my mom and all the mothers out there. It takes a lot to be a mom. J

May 6, 2012

Once Again

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 27; the 27th Edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton. The topic for this month is 'Once Again'.

Once again she felt butterflies in her stomach,
Her eyes were searching for him once again.
Once again she knew she was dressed to kill,
But his compliments only made her believe once again.

Once again she felt like a princess,
And the flowers he gave got her smile once again.

Once again his touch made her melt,
She surrendered herself to him once again.
Once again she looked in his eyes,
And asked “do you love me?” once again.

Once again he kissed her forehead,
And said “I Love you” once again.

Once again she felt secured in his arms,
And he felt complete holding her once again.

Once again they looked at eachother,
And lived their love all over again... Once again.

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P.S: Today is my first wedding anniversary, and I dedicate this poem to my husbandJ.

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