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May 13, 2012

What it takes to be a Mother

As a child I used to hate it, when my mom used to scold me for anything. I was too young to understand that she is correcting me for my good only. But today when I look back, I see a part of her in everything I did/have in my life.

My mom was married young, but she was passionate towards studies. My dad supported her in each step and she did her graduation, masters and then a B.ED course. Finishing the course with good grads and taking care of three small kids and a big joint family was not an easy task, but she managed them all. When it was time to taste the fruit of her headwork, her in laws went against her working outside. She had no one to look after her kids; she gave up on her career dreams and accepted the position of a full time mom. She always took care of us with smiling face; however the pain of not following her dreams was always there. She used to console herself saying “What if I did not get to make a career, but by taking care of my kids I am shaping three careers for future.” today when her kids are doing well in lives, she feels so proud. Here I learnt that being a mom means keeping her kid’s wishes and dreams before her own.

Many times mom used to get angry for things, but she never allowed her feelings affect the household work; she took care of everyone the same way. That taught me, whatever we feel emotionally, we should fulfill your duties and responsibilities with full heart and commitment.

There are so many big & small things I learnt from my mother. Though I am a different individual, I am a reflection of her.

At times I think, will I be a good mother? Well, I will try to be one. Because I know it very well, that being mother doesn’t mean just giving birth to new life, it means lot more than that. The love, sacrifice and dedication a mom has for her child, no one else can have for anyone. That’s the reason, which gave the mother higher position than god.

PS: Today on “Mother’s day” I wish a very happy mother’s day to my mom and all the mothers out there. It takes a lot to be a mom. J


Anonymous said...

True ! A mother is a synonym of sacrifice!

Sweta said...

true Sayingiall :)

Suresh said...

Nice one...

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