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June 26, 2012

The Article

I cleaned the kitchen and came back with a magazine on my bed. This was my favorite magazine from years, before I used to finish reading all the articles in just 1 day. But after having my baby, I don’t get time for reading. Vivan (my son) was taking his afternoon nap and all my housework was done, so it was the best time to read the magazine.
I started reading the first article when the doorbell rang. Who can come at this time, I wondered and quickly walked towards the door, as I didn’t wanted the bell to ring again and disturb Vivan’s sleep. I looked through the peep hole, and there was a woman. She must be some saleswoman; I said “We don’t want to buy anything. You can go”. No sound came from other side. I turned back to go to the bedroom, when doorbell rang again. I ran to open the door and scolded her “Don’t you understand when I ask you to leave.” She gave me angry look but left without saying a word. I closed the door and came back in room. Vivan was still asleep; I took a sigh of relief.
“Let’s go back to the article” I sat on the bed with the magazine. It was hardly 10 minutes and the phone rang. I told my husband hundred times to get the landline disconnected. As we both have mobile phones, I don’t see any point in keeping this headache with us. I walked to the hall and picked up the call. “Hello Aunty, can you give the phone to Kunal.” voice came from the other side of the receiver. From which angle I look like an aunty, I rolled my eyes and said “You have dilled a wrong number, this is not Kunal’s house”. I was about to hangup, when that guy said “But Aunty, this is the number Kunal gave to me. I am not dialing wrong number.” By now I was irritated “listen, I am telling you again, this is not Kunal’s house. And I am not your Aunty, Ok? Keep the phone now” I hung up.
1 hour passed like few minutes and it was time for my baby’s next meal. I went in the kitchen to make baby food. When Vivan woke up and started to cry, I switched off the gas and ran to see my baby.
A baby needs lots of care and tons of patience. Vivan took full 45-50 minutes to finish a small bowl of baby food. He messed up his cloths, so I got him changed and sat with him on floor with his toys scattered around him. Soon he got busy playing with his toys and I grabbed my magazine to finish the article I stared some 3 hours back. “Look at me, the girl who used to finish full magazine in one day is taking 3 hours to finish an article” I laughed at myself.
Just the last paragraph was remaining when my mobile rang, it was my husband. “Hi Saloni, Is Vivan awake?” He asked. “Yes he is. By the way how come you called at this time” I inquired. “Nothing special” he giggled and continued “Actually I want to have pakoda with sour mango chatnee. I will be home in next one hour. Will you please prepare it for me?” I smiled “For sure.” and hanged up.
“There is still an hour, let me finish my reading and then I will start cooking” I thought while arranging Vivan’s toys. The next moment I realized that there were no mangos at home to make chatnee. I picked up my hand bag, carried Vivan and went to the vegetable shop at the corner of our street.
After coming back to home, I rushed to the kitchen and stated preparing the pakodas. As promised, my Husband came home at 6. He loved the pakoda and chatnee I made for him. We had tea together, and then he sat to play with Vivan, I went to kitchen for dinner preparation.
After sometime my husband came in the kitchen with my magazine in his hand, and seeing the book mark on the first few pages he said “Saloni, this month’s issue of your magazine came 10 days back right. You are still at first article, not finding this magazine interesting like before?” Before I could say something, he walked out of kitchen saying “Fine, I will cancel the subscription.”


Dr Samujjala said...

Loved reading this short piece,, very well written and so true :) just wanted to ask, was this based on fact or fiction?
Take care ♥♥


Sweta said...

Thanks for liking it Samujjala,
It's a fiction :)

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan said...

sweet post..loved it a lot. Simple and yet, very very true.

Unknown said...

that was awesome, Sweta :) loved reading it!!!

Meoww said...

:) All true!

Sweta said...

Thanks Dr Roshan & Swati :)

Sweta said...

Very true Swati :)

Rajlakshmi said...

hehehe :) happens.. enjoyed reading

Sweta said...

Thanks Rajlakshmi :)

T F Carthick said...

Excellent story. I could relate to this so much. It was like a deja vu. Something like this happened in my house today - I said something of this sort to my wife without realizing the reason I get time to read and write is because she takes care of everything else sacrificing her time to read.

Sweta said...

Thanks The fool :D

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