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July 14, 2012


55 Fiction is a form of micro fiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words.

"Oh my god!" She shouted in excitement. But next moment she got tensed, how she will break this news to him, he was not ready for this.

Result was in her hands, nothing can be changed now. 

She called him “Baby, I won car in the sweepstake, you asked me not to take part in.”

July 1, 2012

Two Minutes

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“Ok guys, I should leave now.” Samir got up from his place. Rohan stood to stop him “Wait buddy, don’t be a spoilsport.”. Samir picketed up his bag “I am sorry guys but, I promised my mom that I will be home by 10 pm. Dad is also out of station, you know.” He tried to explain. “Chill dude, its just 8.30 now.” Vinit showed him the watch. “But after 9.30 I won’t get any bus guys, that is why I have to leave now.” Samir tried explaining. “Ok Samir, chill. I will drop you home, I got dad’s car with me. Now you can stay right?”Rohan interrupted. Samir shook his hand in air and sat back.
It was Vinit’s treat for getting 89% marks in pre boards of 10+2. He was an average student, but Samir took the responsibility of helping his friend through his preparation for exam and the end result was amazing. Vinit’s mom dad was out of station so these friends planned a party to celebrate the occasion. 

They were in between their usual conversation when the doorbell rang, it was Himanshu. “Hi guys what’s up?” He hugged Rohan and Samir. “I knew you guys must me having a boring party without me. See what I got for you.” Himanshu opened his bag to bring out the vodka bottles. “Wow, First time I am holding a vodka bottle in my hand” Rohan took a bottle. “Guys, we were here to have fun not boozing.”Samir objected. Himanshu tapped Samir’s back “Relax Samir, it will add more fun. Loosen up yourself” he laughed.

It was 9.30 now and more than half of the vodka bottle was empty. Samir did not drink, as he had to go back home. “Ok guys, its time. I am leaving now. Else I will miss my last bus.”Samir picked up his bag. “Hey Samir, my friend! I told you that I will drop you. Then why are you rushing?” Rohan stopped him. “You are drunk Rohan. You can’t drive like this.”Samir said. “Don’t worry Samir, I will drive” Himanshu said “I do this often. I can drive.” He boasted his capability to drink and stay conscious.
Samir’s mother and sister rushed to the hospital where Samir was admitted. They ran to the emergency ward, but could not find Samir. They saw one inspector “Hello Sir, I am Samir’s Mother. I think you only called me and informed about Samir. Where is my Son, Inspector?” Samir’s mom inquired. Inspector answred “Right Mrs. Verma, we only informed you.” He continued “Actually, Samir met with an accident and died on the spot.” Samir’s mother went numb out of shock. His sister asked “But how did that happen, Samir just went to his friend’s place. And he was supposed to be back by 10.” 


Clock was showing 10 now, and Samir was getting impatient “What is this guys, it’s already 10. Himanshu, you promised me that you will drop me home. Let’s go dude.” “Samir, why don’t you stay at my place tonight, and leave tomorrow early morning.”Vinit Suggested. But Samir was not ready for that “Dude, you know how strict my mom is. She won’t like it. I have to go”.

In next 10 minutes, all 4 friends were in Rohan’s car, driving towards Samir’s house. “Hey Himanshu, your driving is super cool man. I feel as if the car is flying” Rohan was fully drunk now. They all laughed on Rohan’s statement. After few minutes Rohan asked Himanshu to stop the car. “Dude, I Want to drive now” Rohan said. “No Rohan, you are drunk. Himanshu is driving well. Let him drive.” Vinit stopped him. “I want to try man, just for two minutes. If I am not driving well, then Himanshu can continue. Okey?” Rohan Requested. “Why should we take risk Rohan.”Samir argued. “This is my car, and I will drive it. Stop it now.”Rohan Shouted. Himanshu stopped the car and gave keys to Rohan, Samir was sitting next too driver’s seat and he was not happy with this decision. But he kept quite as indicated by vinit and Himanshu. 

Rohan took the driver’s seat for just two minutes but that two minutes drive became the last drive for Samir. Just after few meters Rohan lost control on the steering and hit the car with a truck. 


Rohan, Himanshu and Vinit also got badly injured. That two minutes became the life changing two minutes for these four kids and their families. Samir lost his life, whereas Rohan, Himanshu and Vinit were forced to live a life full of guilt. Two Minutes which seemed so small, had it's effect for life long.

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