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August 21, 2012

Arranged love or Love arranged

I greeted the couple and conveyed my best wishes to them, the bride wanted me to be with her on the stage. But I felt that the stage was already too crowded, I promised her to come back after sometime and came down. I looked around, kids were playing, aunties were doing their regular gossip, everyone one enjoying the lavish dinner and was praising the couple. I took my favorite mocktail and sat in one corner. I looked at happy faces of the bride and groom and went back in my memory lane.


I was dressed in a pink saree and my mom’s heavy jewelry; I was gazing outside the window and was scared about my future. Vinit’s family came to see me, they liked me, and said that they want the wedding to happen after 2 weeks. Just a week back one of my dad’s friend suggested Vinit’s alliance for me, and today my marriage got fixed with him. But in all this process, Vinit was present nowhere, I had just seen his photo, and got some second hand information about his likes and dislikes from his sister and mom. He was working in the USA from last 5 years and had plans to settle down there itself. I was doing my masters and wanted to be in India and work for my dream company. I had always been a simple and practical girl. I knew that my family always wants the best for me, and I believed them 100%. But this time I was restless, as I have been asked to spend my life with someone I have never talked to or met. Elderly said, this is nothing new they also met their spouse first time on their wedding itself. Mom tried to console me by saying that Vinit will be in India next week, and that time I will get to meet him. 

I was lost in my thoughts when my cousin sister Pooja entered the room. She was bubbly and full of life. We all used to call her filmy because of her endless love for romantic songs and SRK’s movies. She had already announced it to her parents that whenever she will marry it will be a love marriage only. 

“Congratulations Divya.” She hugged me tight. I somehow managed to smile in response. It took her no time to figure out that something was wrong. She took my hand in her and asked me if I was fine with this marriage.

I and Pooja were of same age, and we were very close to each other. We were more like best friends then cousin sisters. I knew that only Pooja can understand my feeling and kept my heart in front of her. As expected she asked to say no for this wedding, but when I told her that I don’t want to make my parents upset she consoled me and said when Vinit comes to India, she will meet him, once she finds him good for me then only she will let me marry him.


Next week Vinit was in India, My mom and dad were busy in shopping and other arrangements for the wedding and I was getting ready to go and meet Vinit. Vinit requested my parents that he would like to meet me outside my house and my parents agreed, Pooja was asked to accompany me. 

We reached the coffee shop and Vinit was already present there. I was nervous and shy; I had so much to ask but didn’t know where to start from. But Pooja already started quizzing Vinit. By the end of our coffee I felt something unusual, it was Pooja and Vinit who were talking and sharing things about each other and I sat there quietly. I noticed, Vinit was a talkative, humorous gentleman but he was not my type.He was a romantic movie lover like Pooja and one who likes books only in the bookshelf unlike me. On our way back Pooja had all praises for Vinit, she even said that she would love to marry a guy like Vinit and I should be happy that I am getting married to him.

Next morning Vinit’s family came to our place, Vinit was also there. They were very sorry and informed us that Vinit liked Pooja more than me. Vinit also talked to me in private and explained his feelings, he was sorry for me. But I was happy for him and Pooja, and somewhere for myself too, as I was not sure about this marriage. Pooja’s parents were also called, after hour’s long discussion families decided that Pooja and Vinit should get married on the same day when my marriage was arranged with Vinit.
Pooja was sad for me but when we talked I convinced her that I had no feelings for Vinit and I am very happy for them. Once she was assured that I have no issues with she marring Vinit, she shared her feelings for Vinit with me, she told me how much she liked Vinit. Vinit had also told me that it was like love at first sight for him. I told this to Pooja and she was blushing.

Next full week I was shopping with Pooja and Vinit for their wedding and I felt very light and happy doing it. Finally my dearest sister was getting married to the guy she love. I was very happy for her.


I was lost in my memories when someone called my name. I looked up to see Deven.

“Hello Divya.” He greeted me.

“Oh Hi, Deven.” I replied, still surprised to see him there and wondering what to say.
Deven was my classmate during graduation, he had a crush on me and I used to like him too. But I always maintained distance from anything associated with love or relationships as I always felt it will make my life complicated and I never wanted any complications in life. No one other than Pooja knew my feelings for Deven. I turned to look at Pooja and found her smiling at me.

“So Divya, how is your project going on?” I heard Deven and turned back to him. We had a long conversation that night and had dinner together. He took my number and asked to keep in touch. 

Later when I went back on stage and asked Pooja if she invited Deven , she hugged me and said. “I found my love Divya, and my Love was arranged by you. And now it’s my turn to Arrange your love.” 

I didn’t knew what to say, I just hugged her back.


Mahathi Ramya said...

Nice story Sweta.. people are coming up with much creative ideas for this contest :)

NS said...


Locomente said...

An interesting take on the topic...
enjoyed reading...
All the best

Sweta said...

Thanks Mahathi :)
Thankyou NS :)

Sweta said...

Thanks for the wishes Locomente :)

geeth said...

Beautiful! Enjoyed the read..

Saurabh Chawla said...

nice post :) all the best!!

here have a look at this one too whenever you get time :) do promote on indiblogger also if you like it :)

Sweta said...

Thanks Geeth :)

shonuli said...

hey sweta ..a very nice read ..thoroughly enjoyed it ;) Keep it up!!!

Anandhi said...

Very Interesting Read ..njoyed it fully ..Keep it up !!!

Unknown said...

Nice grip on the words. I like your story by the way.....was too filmy....

Reshma said...

The beauty of life and love is very well depicted :)Good one Sweta!!

Sweta said...

Thanks Shonuli and Anandhi :)

Sweta said...

Hahah :) filmy stories are liked By many.
Thanks Tirumala

Sweta said...

Thanks Reshma... My blog was missing you.
Welcome back!!

Srishti said...

I can say this was a fictional work, but it sure was related to reality. People do arrange love many-a-times. Pretty piece of work. :)

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