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August 10, 2012

Indiblogger meet with my Better half

Last Saturday (4th August) I attend my second Indiblogger meet. I have been to my first Blogger’s meet some 2 years back and ever since I was eager to go for a blogger’s meet again. When I saw Bangalore blogger’s meet invitation on Indiblogger I got super excited. This meet was sponsored by Surf Excel, yes the same brand which most of us are using and seeing from our childhood. With the launch of their new improved product Surf Excel matic they came up with a new TV advertisement, where a cute kid acts like a washing machine and gets inside a tub full of water and says “Soaking Yaar”. When I saw the blogger’s meet handle #Soak No More, I remembered this ad.

I quickly logged in to register myself, but then stopped thinking of my husband, who was coming back from the US after 4 months, just a week before the meet. After staying away for 4 months, he will expect me to spend time with him, and I was rather more excited to meet my blogger friends. But when I logged in to Indiblogger, I was surprised that this blogger’s meet was open for the family members of the blogger too. There was no looking back after that, I booked my seat along with my husband. In evening when he called me, I informed him about the meet, after a series of “I don’t want to come” “what I will do there” “Your blogger meet is more important than me” he finally agreed to think over it. But he was not willing to come till the last day, and same dialogs keep coming from him. After lot of pleading and emotional drama I made him ready to accompany me for the meet.
Like good school kids we reached the meet venue The Capitol hotel, 5 minutes before the mentioned time. At the entrance we were greeted by Karthik and lovely ladies helped us to register for the meet again. I wanted to sit in the front but husband dear insisted for sitting at back side, as he was still planning to bunk the meet. I started meeting some of the bloggers I follow or met during last meet, and husband dear remained glued to the ipad as he was feeling odd man out there. After some 30 minutes Anoop took over the stage and the meet formally began. All the bloggers got chance to introduce themselves. With introduction we were supposed to say one thing which our family doesn’t know about us. I must say many secrets were revealed that day in the bloggers meet. Along with the introductions Anoop was asking some questions related to blogging and the winners were getting nice gifts like bean bags, 6 month supply for surf excel and gift hampers in cute baskets. I can’t tell you how much I wanted to win that basket; it looked so pretty. But to my bad luck I won none. However I learned this thing that to win these freebies one need to sit in front seats, or should have very loud voice to get noticed J
After introduction we were divided in four groups, red, orange blue and green. There were several games and the winning teams were getting lovely gifts. For one the game, where we were supposed to make as many 5 letter words as we can with the letters on out T-shirts, orange team made the most number of words and each member of that team won themselves a DVD player from Samsung. I was in blue team and we lost badly, as letter ‘S’ and ‘E’ were missing for us. L We lost the games but had gala time participating in gamesJ.
We were hungry after these games and enjoyed the yummy sandwiches and pastries served with hot tea & coffee. I talked to some bloggers while sipping my coffee, and was constantly checking on husband dear to make sure he is having fun too.
As the last event of the meet we had a presentation from the sponsors. Mr. Girish from Surf Excel Matic talked about their new product. He explained, how with the presence of new vibrating molecules in surf excel matic, one does not need to waste time in soaking the cloths for better cleaning. He was asking question throughout his presentation, and the bloggers were giving him creative answers. One such answer which I remember and laughed out loud on was when Girish asked “what these vibrating molecules do”, one creative blogger replied “these are the excited vibrating molecules ready to please the lady in cleaning”.
With this presentation the meet ended and it was time to say good bye to the fellow bloggers and the Indiblogger team. We collected our Indiblogger t-shirt, which was not black or white, rather a lovely purple color polo T-shirt this time. Meet was over but I was still hooked to that cute basket and my husband was consoling me for not winning it.

On our way back home I asked my husband how he found this meet. He smiled and said it was good. I was very happy and satisfied with his answer, as I do not want him to curse me for dragging him to this meet. We had a lovely time meeting fellow bloggers and some wonderful, creative and positive people. I am already looking forward for next blogger meet, and I am sure this time I don’t need to plead my better half to accompany me, he will be happy to come along J


Santosh Bangar said...

nice blogging meet i am also the part of that meet. i visited there bit late.i am in oranage team and photo u given i was there i have food blog do visit my site

ekta khetan said...

Nice one... i wanted to attend too but flying from Delhi to Mumbai became expensive option.

Santosh Bangar said...

nice meet iwas also there. i was in oranage team and in the photo u have visit my site

Sweta said...

It was fun Numerounity :)

Sweta said...

Oh I have seen you Santosh ji :)

Vinesh Balan said...

Mission Accomplished :D Haha!

Sweta said...

true Vinesh :)

Shruti Dhingra Wahi said...

Active participant :-)
Must have enjoyed !!!!


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ओमी said...

waiting to know your better half's version on this :)

Sweta said...

Yes Shruti it was fun :)

Sweta said...

OP ji: you can call and ask him for his version :)

Priya Arora said...

ohh....i so badly wanted to read somebody's post on these bloggers meet as I haven't been to really had a gala time there.....eagerly waiting for one in new delhi now :-)
PS- I too would like to read your better half's version of this ;-)

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