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September 21, 2012

Just Married, Please Excuse: Book Review

I like reading fiction and when I saw this book was up for review on Indiblogger, I quickly grabbed my copy. This is the first book by the Author Yashodhara Lal. She was a marketing professional and an IIM graduate. And she also writes at her blog ‘Y on earth Not’.

Most of the Fiction books talk about a girl and boy falling in love, convincing parents, fighting the odds and getting married and then living happily ever after. But do they really live happily ever after; this is the book which tells the story of that happily ever after phase, or not so happily ever after phase. This is the story of urban Indian couple. Who is well educated, working in MNC, but from two completely different backgrounds. Yashodhara (Y) is a Delhi girl with an MBA from IIM, while Vijay is 7 years older than her and belongs to a rather old-fashioned Jaipur based pure vegetarian Brahmin family. They meet at their work place, and just after 3 months of dating Vijay propose to Yashodhara. In her early twenties, Yashodhara wants to stay away from marriage for few years or may be throughout her life. However finally these two opposites settle down in a marriage, but do opposites really attract, well not always.

The life of Y and Vijay is like any newly married couple these days. Working couple, both have their opinion in everything, and both wants to win every argument. From selecting curtains for their house to keeping name for their newborn, they rarely agree on one thing. But their small-small arguments are not heated arguments always, it makes the reader laugh. The other characters in this book are also interesting and will sound very close to real life. Some incidents in the book are really very funny. Like, Vijay’s love for Alu Gobhi and everyone’s enthusiasm to feed him alu gobhi. Yashodhara’s mom googling the lyrics of the song to prove she is right. And, the conversation between Vijay and Kajal are always hilarious. But if I am asked, other than the fun what I got out of this book, then that will be the statement made my Yashodhara’s mother-in-law about marriage “Ladne ki kya baat hain? Arrey, kabhi main maan jaati hoon, kabhi wo maan jaate hain”. This one is the very simple but powerful mantra behind every successful marriage.  

This book is written in the way you talk style, use of hinglish language will make the reading experience fun for some but pain for others who don’t understand Hindi L

For me in whole this book was a joy ride. I enjoyed reading it. And being a newly wedded (1 year in marriage is still new rightJ) myself I was able to relate to the story very well. I had so much fun reading this book and I will recommend this book to all newly married couples and everyone else who wants to take a fun break.


Unknown said...

Looks interesting!! I would like to read it. Thanks for reviews.

Unknown said...

i joined ur blog...
pls check mine

Yashodhara said...

Hey! I've got a new book out - Sorting Out Sid! And am currently running a contest on my blog, called the 'Beer and Blogger' contest :) - Would love to have you participate. Check it out? It's up at

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