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December 23, 2012

Holiday shopping goes online

If you are regular on this space you must be aware of my love for shopping. Festivals and holiday seasons give us another reason to do some more shopping for our self’s and our love ones. I enjoy the deals and sales we get at this time of the year, it makes shopping even more exciting. I love giving gifts to my friends and family during festivals and I treat myself too by buying something nice for myself (something which was there on my wish list for long). Holiday gifts are a way to show love and care for our dear ones, be it a greeting card, flowers, chocolates or something they are fond of. These gifts always show that you think and care for them. I remember, as a kid I used to hand paint New Year cards for my friends and used to buy some tinny little presents for my siblings from the modest pocket money I used to get back then.

Years later, today also my fondness for giving and receiving gifts has not reduced a bit. I see the fancy sale ad or tempting offers in the news paper every day, but lack of time limits my visits to malls for shopping. I am sure most of you are also in same condition like I am in, we want to go out shopping but there is no time. However with the increasing popularity of online shopping my problem has reduced to a big extent. Now I can shop any time I want, from the comfort of my own home and my favourite thing is just few clicks away from me. Online shopping gives the freedom to shop on odd hours, like late night or early in the morning. I don’t need to commute to the store which saves me lots of time, energy and money. Also, online shopping gives me the freedom to compare product’s feature or price without hopping from one shop to another. It also saves my courier fee when sending gift to other city, as I can directly get it delivered there and no need for me to take care of packing and shipping the gift.

However online shopping can be little tricky at times, attractive deals offered by different sites can make you shop more then you actually want to. But I have a solution for this as well.  I always look for discount coupons online before shopping from any site. There are many sites which give discount coupons, and I have tried most of them, out of them all my favorite is CUPONATION. They have discount coupons for almost all the online shopping sites, you name it and it is there. Be it makeup, apparel, shoes, household stuff, gadgets, flight & hotel booking, baby product, restaurants or anything else, you will get wonderful deals for them here. And the most important thing about this site is that all their coupons do work. They do not keep expired coupons on their site, like some other sites do. This means no frustration for you and a happy shopping experience.

Now I always look for deals and discount coupons on before making any purchase online. It saves time and good amount of money with their wonderful deals. I must say, online shopping has changed the way we shop and sites like is making online shopping even more fun by helping us save big bucks. So what are you waiting for go checkout the amazing deals on and buy happiness for you and your dear ones. Happy holidays and Happy shopping to you all. :D

PS: just in case you don’t know what discount coupon code is, it’s a code which enable you get additional discounts on top of the deals already running on the site.

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Prasoon Khare said...

I too shop online and have been really frustrated by discount coupons as they dont work most of the times. I didnt know about Cupo Nation. Will try it soon :)

Obsessivemom said...

I knew it was a mistake checking out this post. Gosh I'm so addicted to net shopping. Rushing over to check this one out:-D.

Sweta said...

check it Prasoon.... you won't be disappointed :)

Sweta said...

hahaha :D
my condition is same too obsessive mom :D

Unknown said...

Good...... shopping online is best idea...

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