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March 8, 2013

Happy Women’s Day

Today someone asked me why women have a special day for you where as men have no such day. It made me think, are we making ourselves look small or weak by having a special day for us. Are we really frail or it’s just a social taboo which makes us believe that we are not equal.

Actually strength is not physical always; it’s mental and emotional too. When checked on these parameters, we women stand stronger than others.  Then why are we considered weak? I guess it is because we think less of ourselves. A women literally works more hours than a men, she is the one who nurtures life 9 months more than anyone else. She is strong yet soft, she is intelligent yet patient. She can multitask yet deliver each job with perfection.  So actually we are not weak, we are rather more celebrated by the nature itself.

This day is not just a day for strengthening our rights; it is a day to celebrate womanhood. It is a day to rejoice being a woman. On this day I feel more feminine and lucky to be born as a girl. It is our day so let us wish each other a very happy women’s day and celebrate this day of womanhood by making woman equal to woman.


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Happy Women's Day..........................

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