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May 12, 2013

Ramp Ready Hair Everyday

We don’t wear same cloths every day then why should our hair style be same. That’s why I keep looking for different hairstyle for myself which are easy to do and go well with my attire and occasion. However for girls with curly/ wavy, frizzy hair leaving hair open is never the best option, so for us picking up good/quick hairdo is must .When  I saw the TRESemme  contest on indiblogger I got very excited.  On the TRESemme  you tube page they have shown many hair styles video tutorial. I have gone through them but decide to write about my own styles which I wear the most. I have come up with 6 different hairstyles which suits different moods and occasions and coveres up most of the occasions. let’s see them one by one :)
1.      Twisted half up do:

This style is good for days when my hair is well behaved. When I to leave my hair open yet manageable I opt for this half up do hair style. To achieve this look back brush your hair then divide them in half going from ear to ear and secure the top part of hair with a rubber band. Now make a small gap at the centre of this half ponytail and bring out the ponytail from there. This will create this twisted butterfly ponytail look for half of the hair while rest of your trees are handing loose. You can accessorize it with colourful clips for a casual occasion.
2.      Triple twist ponytail:

Ponytail is the most common hair style we all do most of the time. When in hurry we just tie our hair in a ponytail and we are ready to go, but wearing a similar ponytail everyday can be boring. So when I am in hurry and still want to look different I opt for this style. I tie my hair in a mid-high pony tail then I divide my bangs in 3 parts. I take each part one by one, twist them inward (so that it create a puffed look) and secure it with a clip at back. Simple, isn’t it? Looks good for college, office, outing everywhere.
3.      Side braid with headband:
This is my saviour hair do. On bad hair day (which happens for me very often) I opt for this hair style. This bohemian hairdo goes very well with Indian as well as western outfits. To do this side part your hair and start braiding from top of your head, taking one-one section of hair from front and putting it in the braid. You should do this all the way till your left ear, so that it looks like a headband. then with the entire hair make a side braid. Add a flower clip to accessorize.
4.      Layered twist around braid:
This is the look where you can get the feel of having a braid without actually braiding your hair. This gives very romantic look when done on curly hair. To do this back brush your hair and then take first section of hair from ear to ear. Tie it with a rubber band, make a gap at centre of this ponytail and put the ponytail inside from this gap and bring out. It will give a twisted took ( like done in the first style). Now take the second section of hair below ear to ear and do the same thing what done first time. Then take the reaming hair as well tie everything and twist around the same way. This is very girly and soft romantic look, works best for casual dates.
5.      Twisted side bun:
Side buns are so summary and are the in thing these days. So if you going out with friend and do not want your hair to disturb you, secure them in this pretty side bun. To do this make a side pony tail. Then divide the pony tail in 3 parts. Wrap the first part going anti-clock wise, secure with pins. Do same thing with second section in clock-wise. With third section do the wrapping again anti-clock wise. This gives a fuller bun even with short or mid length hair. Then start twisting your bangs inwards and push it little bit to give the puffed effect, bring it near ear and secure with a pin. Use some fancy bow-clips to accessorize your look. I wear it with my summer dresses, and it goes very well with them. Ideal choice for coffee or shopping date with friends.
6.      Puffed, braid bun:
Marriages are the most celebrated thing in India, and marriages calls for traditional dress up. Attending a summer wedding in heavy saree and open hair is the last thing I want to do. Humid weather and sweat will make my hair frizzy, unmanageable and ugly looking which is a big no-no for me. So here comes  my summer up do for weddings/traditional family functions. To achieve this look take your bangs and backcomb them and clip them to create a nice puff. Now leave 2-3 inch hair at both side of the puff and tie remaining hair in ponytail. Again divide this ponytail in 3 parts and wrap them to make a bun as done in previous style. Once the bun is ready make braids with the 2 inch hair which was left at both sides then bring these braids towards the bun and tuck them with help of U pins. You can use some bun clips or brooch to accessorize the bun and you are all set to rock your traditional avatar.

These are the hair styles I wear mostly, which make my hair look ramp ready always. But to carry these styles my hair should be in good condition too. And TRESemme  products help me in this, their smooth and shine range works best for my wav, frizzy hair. So what are you waiting for, pick your favourite hair style from these 6 or checkout the TRESemme  hair style tutorial videos and make your hair look ramp ready every day.
PS: This is my entry for TRESemme  Ramp ready contest on Indiblogger.


Reshma said...

Wow Sweta, nice hairstyles... will try some of them, though I doubt if they will come out as good as yours look. Good luck for the contest:)

Hi said...

Nice hairstyles and nice hair indeed, and nice accessories you've used :)

good luck on the contest :D

"If you know what a comment is worth to a blogger, do not spend the rest of your life in guilt!" lol :D

kannurboy said...

Wow..... too much

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If you know what a comment is worth to a blogger, do not spend the rest of your life in guilt!

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