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June 21, 2013

My Weekend Gaming Party with Kitchens of India

The culture of working couples are growing in India but the love we Indian’s have for food is still same. My husband, who is a foodie, always complains that I do not make his favourite dishes often and eating out is something he is not very fond of. Being working women leaves me with no time and energy to cook lavish food on weekdays, so on weekends I try to make dishes which he likes eating. However often such dishes are bit time consuming and eats most of my weekend time. I like hanging out with friends and I love being good host for them. Somehow whenever I am expecting to have guest at home the first thing I start planning of is food. I start planning for dishes in advance and cooking them take so much time of mine, that mostly I am in the kitchen and get to spend very less time with my guests. This is something I really want to change without compromising on tasty dishes for my guests.

So when I came to know about Kitchens of India’s ready to dine and masala mixes I got really excite. I went through their product catalogue and found many mouth-watering dishes there. And then the idea came to me of hosting a weekend gaming party. Actually we wanted to host one Video gaming weekend party from quite some time but I was avoiding it because of the cooking involved, I did not wanted to be in kitchen all the time when all our friends are having fun with the kinect. I felt like Kitchens of India came at the right time to rescue me.
I decided to make the menu for the gaming party delicious and less time consuming on cooking part. So here is my menu, for starters I will make some bread rolls using tangy Mango garlic chutney as the filling for it. And for not so spicy food lover guests I will also make some bread rolls with Pineapple & Green pepper conserve filling.  I will serve these with some fresh salad. And my guests can eat this rolls while playing on kinect, no need of plats and spoons J

For main course I will pick up Dal Bukhara(ready to dine) and serve that with jeera rice. And With Roti I will serve Mirch ka salan and Paneer malai curry. Chutneys are something which can add more taste on the plate and can bind all different dishes together very well. So I will also serve some tart and tangy Tamarind and Date chutney along. Yes only vegetarian dishes will be served in my party because the host is vegetarian too J

For us Indians no party is over without desserts, I will have Jodhpuri moong daal halwa for my guests to satisfy their sweet carving. Because verity is the key for any party to be successful, so I will add one more desserts in my menu. This will be an apple pie with a twist. I will use the Apple Cinnamon conserve in place of raw apples and will bake some thin crust apple pie.

With this menu my cooking time reduces to half and I will be able to have more fun time with my guests. After all parties are not just for good food it is for spending some good time too.

So we all will have lots of gaming fun and mouth watering food in my weekend gaming party. I will spend more time with my friends and will still get compliments for serving delicious food J what more a host can ask for.

So this is how my weekend party is going to be, good food and good time with people we love. Thanks to kitchens of India for making life easier for working ladies like me, for whom time is the costliest thing.



प्रवीण पाण्डेय said...

वाह, आनन्दमयी..

Reshma said...

Hmmm that's a nice way to enjoy the best of both worlds :) Hope you had a wonderful time Sweta :)

With Hold said...

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