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September 9, 2013

Singapore it is!

“The world is a book and people who do not travel read only one page” I so much agree to this line. Travelling gives us another view of life; it helps us know ourselves better. When we travel with people we love, whole experience of travelling goes to next level, our happiness doubles. If I have to tell about my definition of perfect holiday, it should be a combination of relaxing and sightseeing both. I don’t like going out and spending all the time in my luxury hotel only and I also do not like doing sightseeing on someone else’s pace, it becomes hectic and less fun that way.

I have travelled places mostly with friends and my husband. With my parents I have travelled only when I was very young. As I grew up, due to my studies and other classes we never got chance to have any good holiday together. When I got to travel abroad first, one thing which I missed the most was my parents. I wanted them to see and experience everything that I was doing. From that time itself I have this desire to take my parents on a holiday abroad. I want it to be a place which is different than our country (which we have travelled together many times) yet similar. And after travelling to Singapore, I feel that’s the answer for me.

I would like to take my parents to Singapore, which is a great travel destination. Singapore is the microcosm of Asia. It has something for everyone. I am sure my parents will admire the kind of discipline about cleanliness people follow there. Wide roads, flyovers and well planned city, it is so much fun to drive around in such place. Sentosa island is most famous place among tourists in Singapore. Famous Merlion Statue is there, and there are many other highlights like the Underwater World which I am sure will be something my parents have never seen before. There is this very fun place Dolphin Lagoon, where they conduct dolphin shows ( the kind of tricks they do will make them clap their hands in joy :) ) Last time when I was there I tried taking pictures of same but failed to capture those fun moment well, now when my mom dad will get to see it in real my joy will be doubled by seeing them happy. And now with Disneyland and universal studios also being there, I am sure I would love to see my parents relive their childhood J

Signapore also has China town, which is good to give one a feel of being in china, so I would like to take them there as well. And nothing gives more pleasure then to find your own culture and people in another land, so trip to little India will be there on my list as well. I would do lots of shopping with my mom there and will help keep my dad in updating his travelogue ( he has this habit of noting down some details of new places he goes to for future reference ;) )

All this and so much more is there in my mind but planning trip in real is not as easy as lying on the rocking chair and day dreaming. It is so much of work and efforts but who has time to plan for a break ;) yes the irony of our generation. To rescue us there are these online travel planning and booking sites available. And if it is from a reliable source then it’s like the cherry on the cake. Yatra is one such site which I trust for travel panning and booking. After all with ease of planning the travel the fun and happiness of the travel is also important. When we pull out some days from our busy schedules I don’t want to scratch my head about where to go and how to go. I want someone else to take these headaches of mine and let me have happy time with my family. Long talks, lots of food and laughter, some nice locations and lots of shopping this is what makes a trip memorable and make us happy travellers. So when I will travel to Singapore with my parents I want all of this, so that we bring back lots of lovely memories as Happy Travellers.


Arvind Passey said...

I was in Singapore in Feb-Mar this year... and it were the non-touristy places and aspects that I loved most. Will be blogging about them all soon enough...

All the best for the contest.

Arvind Passey

Ritesh Agarwal said...

Singapore is also there in my wish list....very nicely written....good luck for the contest Sweta :)

Sweta said...

Thanks Arvind Ji....
I went to Singapore 5 years back, I was there for some conferences so did not get to enjoy the place so much. So want to go back there again :D

Sweta said...

Thanks Ritesh :)

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