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October 31, 2013

Secondhand Love - Part III

Before reading this post author requests you to read part-1 and Part-2 of this story. That will help you enjoy the story better.
I got many calls from Aakash but I didn’t answer any. Richa too tried talking to me that night but I acted tired and went on bed early to avoid her questions.

I woke up with slight fever next day so Richa suggested me to take a day off. She made me breakfast and then left for college.

As some wise man said, spending some time with just you is the best way to introspect your problems. I eat my breakfast and then went back on bed. I was feeling tired but not sleepy. Our one bedroom kitchen house which otherwise feels so small looked very big and empty to me. I kept staring at the walls and started sinking in my thoughts, at one time I felt as if the wall are closing on me and I stared feeling suffocating. I took my phone and dialled Aakash’s number. Phone was ringing and my heartbeat was rising. After 2 rings I changed my mind and was about to hang-up when I heard Aakash’s voice “Hey Shikha, Hello can you hear me. I called you so many times, I am sorry Shikha.”

My silence was making him worried “Are you there Shikha, can you hear me? Hello”

“I am sorry Aakash” with so much of efforts I finally moved my lips. “I am sorry to disturb you in your office hours, but I want to meet you.”


I had no energy to travel far so I asked Aakash to meet me in the public park near my house. It was lunch hours and Park was almost empty, usually no one goes to park in afternoons so benches were empty. I went and sat under a tree. In sometime Aakash was there, he came directly from office so he was in formals and he looked good as always. His office tag was still hanging around his neck; it was clear how much I panicked him by asking him to meet me urgently.

I was not able to meet eyes with him but he was behaving as if there is no problem between us. “How are you feeling now?” he asked while gently touching my forehead.

I sat quite, but inside me there was a tsunami going on. I had endless thought coming and going in my mind, I was silent but not calm. Finally I dared to look at Aakash and asked him “Why do you care for me so much?”

He kept his hand on mine “Because I love you Shikha”.

“You don’t even know me Aakash.” I was looking directly in his eyes. He was calm. “I know you Shikha. You are a sweet, adorable, loving girl. How has her own rules and idealism in life and I respect you for that. What more I need to know for loving you”

I looked down “I have an ugly past Aakash, which is still haunting me.”
I was in 10th std, most important year of schooling. I have always been a studious kid, I kept myself away from everything which looked distracting. I had only one goal, to score high and to get admission in best college. That time we used to have many interschool festivals, I had interest in writing and I had won many prizes for my school in essay writing competitions. That year also I was participating in the competitions. Essay writing and Elocution competitions both were on same day. But to our bad luck the guy who was representing our school in Elocution competitions was absent; he has some health issue and was not able to make it there. Last minute finding a good replacement was very challenging for our teachers and she asked me to be the replacement. I was petrified as I was not very comfortable on stage but my teacher believed in me. She told me it is important for our school, if we are marked absent then we will get minus marks. I had no choice but to go for the competition.

I got the topic, which seemed easy to me as I knew about it but when I went on stage and saw so many people waiting to hear me I got nervous. I did whatever best I can but I was not happy with my performance. When I came down the stage one guy from other school, who was waiting for his turn smiled at me and said “nice points”. I didn’t bother to reply to him and went back where my teacher was. I didn’t know that this guy who is praising my points now is going to change my point of view towards life.
To be continued .....


October 26, 2013

Budget Gifting Ideas for Diwali

Diwali is that time of year when we do lots of parting. Our friends, family, colleagues everyone seems to be playing a perfect host that time. And going for the Diwali party is equality costly as hosting one, because we cannot go for the party empty hand “Ek Gift thobanthahai boss!!” J Otherwise also Diwali being the biggest festival of India, we are following this tradition of exchanging gifts on Diwali from forever.  I am personally not a big fan of gifting sweets, as that is the most common thing every one gives to each other on Diwali. During Diwali we all have our fridge loaded with sweets, and most of that sweet either goes to the house help or goes as return gift with someone. So when our gift is not even getting used by the person it was given to then why not give something better and different, that the giftee can really use. In today’s time when even a Kg of Kajukatli costs more than 750Rs/-   we still have some nice gits available which are unique and well within in our budget. So here I am sharing with you all some great budget gifting ideas for the festive season, which I feel is very festival appropriate for my friends and family.

I found that most of these items are also available online on very reasonable rates. And yes, whenever I do online shopping I always look for discount coupons, as a result I also found the Diwali deals on cuponation which are very tempting J So let’s get started with my budget gifting idea list for Diwali.
Candle holder: it is a very Diwali appropriate gift. For lighting the candles inside home using candle holder makes it safer and more beautiful to look at. One can easily find then anywhere between 150 to 700Rs/-
Decorative Bowls and Trays: During festive parties serving chocolates or dry-fruits to guests in decorative bowls will look very stunning. I found some great pieces online which can be a conversation starter  too J

Oil Diffuser: Now when people are leading such busy life aroma therapy is becoming more popular day by day. Using Oil diffuser at home will not only make the home smell wonderful but will also do wonders to your mood.
 Figurines: Spiritual idols make a very good gift for festivals. So this Diwali give these beautiful Figurines to your loved ones. It will look equally good in the Puja room as well as in the living area.

Playing Cards: Card parties are a must during Diwali, playing cards on Diwali eve is also a ritual in many parts of India. Here are some of the playing cards which can be used for playing as well as a showpiece.

Wall Art and Painting: Diwali is the time when everyone cleans and decorates their home and getting a piece of art to beautify the walls will increase the beauty of the house even more. This turns out to be a very good and pocket friendly gift, something that the giftee will cherish for very long J

Bar Accessories: People who love their drink will also love to get some bar accessories as gift. But remember not to drives back home if you drink in the party.

Fashion Jewellery: Thinking about how to please your wife or girlfriend when gold rates are touching sky this Diwali, then worry not fashion Jewelleries are here for rescue you. They will be light on your pocket but will bring big smile on your lady’s face J

All these gifts are budget products and something which are unique. I hope this list helped you all to come out of your “what to gift Confusion” festival syndrome. Still if you want to save some more this festive season then as I mentioned before don’t forget to check the Diwali discounts going on Cuponation if you are shopping online, because using discount coupons is the smartest way to shop online ;).

I am sure with all this awesome offers and great gifting ideas this Diwali will be more glittering and fun for us and our loved ones. They will be happy to get amazing gifts and we will be happy for being the reason behind the smile on their face.



October 4, 2013

Secondhand Love - Part II

Before reading this post author requests you to read part-1 of this story. That will help you enjoy the story better.

“Please Richs, we are not dating” I surged her hand off my shoulder.

“Oh Come-on  Shiks, I know you do not want everyone to know about your relationship, but you can’t hide it from me, after all I am your BFF” Richa smiled. 

When I was going through the worst phase of my life, other than my mom it was only Richa who stood by me. She was the one who will constantly try motivating me to bounce back and she was always on her toes to make me feel better.

I hugged her and said “I know you are my only BFF. And I am still not sure about Aakash. I want to be friends with him but not ready for anything else now, really!” 

Richa squeezed my hand warmly “I understand. Anyways give me all the update at night, okay. Need to rush for my class” she left and I went back for next lecture.

I and Richa are friends from 5th std. Richa’s dad had a government job and his transfers used to disturb Richa and her brother’s schooling. That was why her parents decided to leave Richa and her brother with their grandparents. Her grandparents were our neighbors and Richa got admission in my class only. Her grandparents were very fond of me, and as I used to score well in class they asked me to help Richa with her studies so that she can catch up with new syllabus quickly. I always admired the liveliness and fun part of Richa. She was good in dance and sports. Her company used to make me happy and with time our bond grew so deep that we were more like sisters then friends. And now in this new city she only is my roommate too.


I reached the coffee shop 2-3 minutes early and Aakash was already there. “You came so early.” I said while shaking hands with him. He wore white polo T-shirt with khaki pants and was looking very smart in them. Aakash asked me what I would like to have and after placing our order we comfortably sat on my favorite corner seat. 

“So tell me, what is it, which you do not want to talk over phone” I asked him while keeping my bag down. 

“Why are you in hurry always? You just want to hear what I have to say and leave?” he made fun of me.

“Nothing like that, I thought you have something serious to discuss. You know I have lots of assignments to finish.” I defended myself. But the truth was I wanted to hear what he has to say as I was able to see soothing coming my way and I was really confuse about that.

“Actually, I have been selected for an onsite assignment and my boss really wants me to go for it.” He said while sipping water from his glass.

“Oh that’s great. For a software engineer getting an onsite project is like a dream come true right? Congratulations to you. Is this my treat for that?” I laughed.

“Not at all. Actually I wanted to know your views. I mean, you know….” He paused for minute and I didn’t said anything.

After a long pause he said “Okay, Shikha lets not play this hide and seek game anymore. You know what I feel for you” I was still silent.

3 months ago I met Aakash in Aadi’s Birthday Party. Aadi was Richa’s friend and when she asked me to accompany her for the party I went there with her. Aakash was also there in that party and in his words it was love at first sight for him. He approached me in the party but as I have promised myself I behaved reserved. After that on few more occasions we crossed each other’s way and I am very sure it was not a coincidence every time. Finally when I felt that Aakash is a genuine guy I came out of my cocoon, we became friends. I knew Aakash has feelings for me and he is a great guy but my past never let me go free. It was very tough for me to believe people, and the fear of getting hurt was making me stay away from relationship. However deep-down I knew that this day will come soon, when I have to face my fears and my past.

We drank our coffee in silence and when it was time for me to leave Aakash held my hand “it is killing me Shikha. Please speak.”

I pulled my hand back and took out my wallet to pay for my coffee. I never liked others to pay for me, so whenever we went out we shared the bill. Aakash stopped me from giving money and asked me to keep the wallet inside “Please Shikha, stop it. I want to do all this for you. I want to give you the best, I want to make you smile, I want to keep you happy, and I want to take care of you.” He was sounding tense now.

By now some people in the coffee shop already stated staring at us, it was bothering me. I took my bag and stood to leave. Aakash also stood and come face to face; he held my hands very tight his face all red “I love you Shikha, Please be mine.” 

I was not able to take it anymore, I broke down and started crying. Aakash was clueless, and he started apologizing. I took my hands out of his and left that place without saying a word to him.

To be continued..... Here

October 1, 2013

Secondhand Love

“Mom please stop it. Don’t start all this early morning. I am getting late for collage” I hung up the call and boarded the bus to Lal chauk.

As usual morning bus was over crowded. I saw a guy sitting on ladies seat and asked him to leave the seat for me. But you know, some days are just not your day. The champ gave me a look as if I have asked him to give his power of attorney on my name. He did not move an inch, I asked him again and his reply was enough for me to show him the other side of my personality. He said if you can wear pants like man then why you can’t stand like one. I shouted as loud as I can and asked that guy to leave the seat as else it won’t be good for him. By now I have created a good scene there, and after the bus conductor’s intervene that guy moved from there and finally my bum got a seat. Lady seating next to me gave me a look top to bottom and when I stared her back she looked away.

 I took out a book to read but I had no mood to read it. I was feeling bad for creating a scene in bus and fighting with my mom early morning, I felt ashamed. This is not who I want to be, this is not how I was all this time in my life. I just closed my eye and rested my head back.

I have always been a decent, well behaved, shy kid. Following what my mom asked and scoring good marks in school made me the ideal kid for all uncles and aunties in my colony. Everyone wanted their kid to be like me, and I just wanted my mom to feel proud on me. She has single handedly raised me and my sister, and being a trouble for her was the last thing I wanted to be. My life was going smooth till I fell in love.

“Excuse me” a female voice brought me back to reality. I opened my eyes and saw a thin girl in red Kurta and jeans standing in front of me. She smiled and said “Hello Mam, I am Prabha. I go to the same college as you, I am your junior.”

I tried hard recognizing her and smiled just to make her feel welcoming. “Mam, I really admire your courage. The way you handled that idiot man, he deserved that only. You are very strong mam; I wish I have the same courage as yours.” Prabha said while bending towards me. I was taken aback that someone felt what I did was right, I felt good but I was not fully convinced with my act.

“It’s nothing heroic Prabha. It’s just that for our right we have to speak because silence is mostly taken as our weakness.” I spoke like some psychologist. Prabha was still standing next to my seat, she looked mesmerized by the line I just said, and not talking to her will feel rude so I tried changing the topic. “So which course you are in Prabha?”

We talked about college and some general stuffs and finally reached college. “Okay Mam, It was nice talking to you. Have a good day” Prabha greeted me before leaving for her class. I smiled and asked her not to call me Mam “You can call me Shikha” and we parted our ways.

After first lecture we got a break of 5 minutes I took out my phone and saw an SMS from Aakash. He wanted me to meet him at the coffee shop in evening. We had only 4 lectures remaining so I agreed for the meeting. I was replying to his SMS only when I got a pat on my back, it was Richa my best friend “what’s up Shiks? Oh busy SMSing Aakash. Where are the lovebirds meeting today” she winked at me.

To be continued ..... here

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