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October 26, 2013

Budget Gifting Ideas for Diwali

Diwali is that time of year when we do lots of parting. Our friends, family, colleagues everyone seems to be playing a perfect host that time. And going for the Diwali party is equality costly as hosting one, because we cannot go for the party empty hand “Ek Gift thobanthahai boss!!” J Otherwise also Diwali being the biggest festival of India, we are following this tradition of exchanging gifts on Diwali from forever.  I am personally not a big fan of gifting sweets, as that is the most common thing every one gives to each other on Diwali. During Diwali we all have our fridge loaded with sweets, and most of that sweet either goes to the house help or goes as return gift with someone. So when our gift is not even getting used by the person it was given to then why not give something better and different, that the giftee can really use. In today’s time when even a Kg of Kajukatli costs more than 750Rs/-   we still have some nice gits available which are unique and well within in our budget. So here I am sharing with you all some great budget gifting ideas for the festive season, which I feel is very festival appropriate for my friends and family.

I found that most of these items are also available online on very reasonable rates. And yes, whenever I do online shopping I always look for discount coupons, as a result I also found the Diwali deals on cuponation which are very tempting J So let’s get started with my budget gifting idea list for Diwali.
Candle holder: it is a very Diwali appropriate gift. For lighting the candles inside home using candle holder makes it safer and more beautiful to look at. One can easily find then anywhere between 150 to 700Rs/-
Decorative Bowls and Trays: During festive parties serving chocolates or dry-fruits to guests in decorative bowls will look very stunning. I found some great pieces online which can be a conversation starter  too J

Oil Diffuser: Now when people are leading such busy life aroma therapy is becoming more popular day by day. Using Oil diffuser at home will not only make the home smell wonderful but will also do wonders to your mood.
 Figurines: Spiritual idols make a very good gift for festivals. So this Diwali give these beautiful Figurines to your loved ones. It will look equally good in the Puja room as well as in the living area.

Playing Cards: Card parties are a must during Diwali, playing cards on Diwali eve is also a ritual in many parts of India. Here are some of the playing cards which can be used for playing as well as a showpiece.

Wall Art and Painting: Diwali is the time when everyone cleans and decorates their home and getting a piece of art to beautify the walls will increase the beauty of the house even more. This turns out to be a very good and pocket friendly gift, something that the giftee will cherish for very long J

Bar Accessories: People who love their drink will also love to get some bar accessories as gift. But remember not to drives back home if you drink in the party.

Fashion Jewellery: Thinking about how to please your wife or girlfriend when gold rates are touching sky this Diwali, then worry not fashion Jewelleries are here for rescue you. They will be light on your pocket but will bring big smile on your lady’s face J

All these gifts are budget products and something which are unique. I hope this list helped you all to come out of your “what to gift Confusion” festival syndrome. Still if you want to save some more this festive season then as I mentioned before don’t forget to check the Diwali discounts going on Cuponation if you are shopping online, because using discount coupons is the smartest way to shop online ;).

I am sure with all this awesome offers and great gifting ideas this Diwali will be more glittering and fun for us and our loved ones. They will be happy to get amazing gifts and we will be happy for being the reason behind the smile on their face.




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