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October 4, 2013

Secondhand Love - Part II

Before reading this post author requests you to read part-1 of this story. That will help you enjoy the story better.

“Please Richs, we are not dating” I surged her hand off my shoulder.

“Oh Come-on  Shiks, I know you do not want everyone to know about your relationship, but you can’t hide it from me, after all I am your BFF” Richa smiled. 

When I was going through the worst phase of my life, other than my mom it was only Richa who stood by me. She was the one who will constantly try motivating me to bounce back and she was always on her toes to make me feel better.

I hugged her and said “I know you are my only BFF. And I am still not sure about Aakash. I want to be friends with him but not ready for anything else now, really!” 

Richa squeezed my hand warmly “I understand. Anyways give me all the update at night, okay. Need to rush for my class” she left and I went back for next lecture.

I and Richa are friends from 5th std. Richa’s dad had a government job and his transfers used to disturb Richa and her brother’s schooling. That was why her parents decided to leave Richa and her brother with their grandparents. Her grandparents were our neighbors and Richa got admission in my class only. Her grandparents were very fond of me, and as I used to score well in class they asked me to help Richa with her studies so that she can catch up with new syllabus quickly. I always admired the liveliness and fun part of Richa. She was good in dance and sports. Her company used to make me happy and with time our bond grew so deep that we were more like sisters then friends. And now in this new city she only is my roommate too.


I reached the coffee shop 2-3 minutes early and Aakash was already there. “You came so early.” I said while shaking hands with him. He wore white polo T-shirt with khaki pants and was looking very smart in them. Aakash asked me what I would like to have and after placing our order we comfortably sat on my favorite corner seat. 

“So tell me, what is it, which you do not want to talk over phone” I asked him while keeping my bag down. 

“Why are you in hurry always? You just want to hear what I have to say and leave?” he made fun of me.

“Nothing like that, I thought you have something serious to discuss. You know I have lots of assignments to finish.” I defended myself. But the truth was I wanted to hear what he has to say as I was able to see soothing coming my way and I was really confuse about that.

“Actually, I have been selected for an onsite assignment and my boss really wants me to go for it.” He said while sipping water from his glass.

“Oh that’s great. For a software engineer getting an onsite project is like a dream come true right? Congratulations to you. Is this my treat for that?” I laughed.

“Not at all. Actually I wanted to know your views. I mean, you know….” He paused for minute and I didn’t said anything.

After a long pause he said “Okay, Shikha lets not play this hide and seek game anymore. You know what I feel for you” I was still silent.

3 months ago I met Aakash in Aadi’s Birthday Party. Aadi was Richa’s friend and when she asked me to accompany her for the party I went there with her. Aakash was also there in that party and in his words it was love at first sight for him. He approached me in the party but as I have promised myself I behaved reserved. After that on few more occasions we crossed each other’s way and I am very sure it was not a coincidence every time. Finally when I felt that Aakash is a genuine guy I came out of my cocoon, we became friends. I knew Aakash has feelings for me and he is a great guy but my past never let me go free. It was very tough for me to believe people, and the fear of getting hurt was making me stay away from relationship. However deep-down I knew that this day will come soon, when I have to face my fears and my past.

We drank our coffee in silence and when it was time for me to leave Aakash held my hand “it is killing me Shikha. Please speak.”

I pulled my hand back and took out my wallet to pay for my coffee. I never liked others to pay for me, so whenever we went out we shared the bill. Aakash stopped me from giving money and asked me to keep the wallet inside “Please Shikha, stop it. I want to do all this for you. I want to give you the best, I want to make you smile, I want to keep you happy, and I want to take care of you.” He was sounding tense now.

By now some people in the coffee shop already stated staring at us, it was bothering me. I took my bag and stood to leave. Aakash also stood and come face to face; he held my hands very tight his face all red “I love you Shikha, Please be mine.” 

I was not able to take it anymore, I broke down and started crying. Aakash was clueless, and he started apologizing. I took my hands out of his and left that place without saying a word to him.

To be continued..... Here


ओमी said...

Girl should share the bill ..fully agree with her :)
waiting for Part3 ...hope you are not planning for part 4 too :)

प्रवीण पाण्डेय said...

Wiring for part3

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