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December 27, 2014

Kitna Chain Hota Hai na Sachchai Mein

We are taught from childhood that honesty is the best policy. One who follows the path of truth is the strongest person. We have read these values, but in real life we tend to forget them at times and try to find the easier way out of our problems by lying. Still we all come across such moments in our life where lying is the easier way to get out of our problems however we choose to tell the truth, because the guilt of lying is much difficult to handle then handling the punishment for our mistake.

I have come across many such incidents in my life and one such incident which I am able to remember now is from my school days. My school was a girl’s only school and it was quite strict. I was in high school and newly learnt to whistle, I used to show-off that to all my friends. One day during assembly I told my bench-mate that I can whistle and she was eager to learn that from me. After the assembly we went inside our class and our class teacher came and started taking the attendance. I and my friend finished our attendance turn and I was telling her the technique of whistling, in that process of explaining her how to twist the tongue I ended up blowing air also and the whistle sound came out. Our class teacher was still taking the attendance and when he heard the whistle sound he stopped and asked who whistled. There was pin drop silence in the class.
He shouted again “Who whistled in my class?”. He looked very angry, I and my friend looked at each other, and we both were very terrified. Teacher looked restless now and said that if in next 2 minutes no one tells him who did this then he will punish the whole class. I was very scared as he looked very angry, I thought that I will keep quiet and will not tell him that it was my mistake.

By now my teacher was really angry and he asked the whole class to stand on the bench for the entire day. That was the moment when I felt really guilty. I felt that if I will not tell the truth now then I will be responsible for this punishment which my whole class has to go through. My guilt was so much strong now that I just raised my hand and told my teacher “Sir, It was me who whistled. I am very sorry Sir.”

He looked shocked, I was a good student and very good in extracurricular activities also which made me favourite of many teachers. He was not able to believe that this misbehaviour was done by me. He shook his head in disbelief and asked if I am sure that I did this and I am not taking someone else’s blame on me. I kept my head low and accepted my mistake again. My teacher gave me punishment to stand on the bench throughout the day, but when I climbed on the bench he asked me to stop. He said it’s okay, I forgive you this time, just don’t repeat it again.

I still remember that day, and how good I felt after telling the truth. The guilt of lying, and being the reason of pain for my friends vanished by telling just one truth. I totally agree that truth is very powerful and the purest thing in this world. Really “bahut chain hota hai sachchai mein.”

December 18, 2014

Teddy travelogues – Travel Fun with Kids

Some great man said that “The World is a book and people who do not travel read only one page” I find this line very appealing. Travelling is always a pleasant break from the daily grinding of life and it also gives us an opportunity to learn new things. We adults feel the need of a break from daily chore and travel comes as the best excuse. Similarly for kids also routine life tends to get boring and travel brings the much needed fun break. Be it your own kids or your nephew and nieces , travelling with kids always adds extra fun to the travel. Kids are always filled with a kind of raw energy which keeps everyone charged.  Their innocent questions and cute giggles can turn a boring long drive into a fun trip too. However planning a trip with kids is bit different then planning one without them. There are various things to be taken care of when we are travelling with kids.
First of all the travel destination should be chosen keeping kids in mind. This does not mean that with kids we only have to go to Disneyland each time, but we should try to find kids friendly places. Place where they can get lots of space to have fun, and where they can see something different then what they see in their day to day life.  Some place from where they can bring back some new learning and interesting stories to share with their friends. Also, there should be easy access to resting area and yummy food which they love. Taking care of hygiene is also very important when planning trip with kids.

As kid I used to like going to places about which I have read in my books. Going there used to give me a chance to connect things I see there with what I read, whereas my brother used to like going on nature trail and places where he can see animals closely.  My parents used to make sure that where ever we go we are eating hygienic food and have access to clean water. As kids tend to get very curious about things and have tendency to do risky things, my parents used to make sure that always one adult is there supervising all the kids on trip. By keeping these small things in mind my parents made all our travels fun and memorable.

Talking of these things, I feel while travelling with kids it’s always a good idea to select a new destination each time which is different than the one they have visited in past. And the stay should be booked in a resort kind of place, so that even on days you are not going out for sightseeing kids will still have lots of activities to do inside the resort itself. That will keep them busy and will give the parents some time to unwind J

Club Mahindra is a great example for same. They have thousands of resorts in India and abroad, which gives comfortable stay and the feel of that place even inside the resort also. So with them you and your kids get travel experience of different places with the same friendly comfortable feel each time. With so many destinations to choose from now we don’t need to get worried about having selective travel options for kids, just pack your bags and explore a new place each time with your kids :D

December 14, 2014

Rise Above Fear

Fear is always considered a negative feeling. Fear of someone or something always stops us from reaching out to things we actually want to do or get. Fear keeps us inside our limits and never lets us take challenges. And as we know until we take challenges and go out of our comfort zone we can never achieve or know our maximum capabilities. As gold has to go through fire to achieve its real value, we also need to rise above our fears to achieve more in life.

In everyone’s life one moment comes when we have chosen between fear or challenge and until we challenge our self we never know our true capabilities. Today I will share once such experience from my life. I have always been a studios kind of kid, who was favourite of all teachers and popular in her friend circle, but when it used to come to talking to new people I used to get scared. I had this fear of strangers; I used to hide myself behind my books whenever some guest used to come home. Similarly I was also scared of sports and outdoor activities, I used to change my way whenever I used to see my sports teacher, due to my good height she always wanted me to join school’s basketball team but I was scared to play. But then my NCC teacher got hold of me one day and asked me to join NCC, I tried giving her some vague reasons of why I cannot join NCC. She was not convinced and asked me to fill the form for joining the next camp which was happening after a week. I tried convincing her that I don’t want to go, but she did not agree. To keep her quite I took the form home and next day gave it back to the teacher and said my parents did not agree and they don’t want me to go for the camp. I was happy that I don’t have to go out of my comfort zone, and happily went back to my class. Later that day I got a call from principle, and when I went to her room I saw my Dad and the NCC teacher sitting there. NCC teacher was not convinced by my answer so she called my Dad to check why they don’t want me to go for the camp, and when Dad said he has no idea about all this they called him to school. I felt very embarrassed in front of my teachers and my parents, and so decided to go for the camp to see it myself if I can survive it or not.

I was 13 year old and that was first time in my life when I was away from family and all on my own. Getting up very early, intensive physical outdoor activities and strict discipline of the camp was making me miss my home even more. On the last day of that 2 week camp, I was happy that I will go back home, but I got selected for the next camp which was the republic day training camp. I called my mom thinking she will tell me that she is missing me and will ask me to come back, but she said that she is proud of me that I got selected and she wants me to do well in next camp. After that there was no looking back, I gave my 200% to every activity in the next camps. I cleared regional levels and got selected in the state team. I also got to represent my state in the best cadet competition. For this competition I was trained on many things like interpersonal skill, 0.22 rifle shooting, first-aids and so on.

 I finally went to the republic day camp in 2000, and I begged 1st price in 0.22 rifle shooting and stood 3rd in the Best cadet completion in National level.  That was a great achievement for me. My state team, my school, and my parents everyone was very proud of me. When I came back to my city I was treated like a celebrity. I was enjoying all the attention and compliments, and then when I went to meet my NCC teacher she asked me how you feel now, I said I feel more confident than ever, and then she said that is why you have to take challenges in life. Until you challenge your fear, you will never rise above it and find your real potential. She was so true; rising above my fear made me a better, confident person. Rising above my fear made me achieve something nice in life which I am proud of. It’s so true “Daar kea age Jeet hai”.

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