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December 27, 2014

Kitna Chain Hota Hai na Sachchai Mein

We are taught from childhood that honesty is the best policy. One who follows the path of truth is the strongest person. We have read these values, but in real life we tend to forget them at times and try to find the easier way out of our problems by lying. Still we all come across such moments in our life where lying is the easier way to get out of our problems however we choose to tell the truth, because the guilt of lying is much difficult to handle then handling the punishment for our mistake.

I have come across many such incidents in my life and one such incident which I am able to remember now is from my school days. My school was a girl’s only school and it was quite strict. I was in high school and newly learnt to whistle, I used to show-off that to all my friends. One day during assembly I told my bench-mate that I can whistle and she was eager to learn that from me. After the assembly we went inside our class and our class teacher came and started taking the attendance. I and my friend finished our attendance turn and I was telling her the technique of whistling, in that process of explaining her how to twist the tongue I ended up blowing air also and the whistle sound came out. Our class teacher was still taking the attendance and when he heard the whistle sound he stopped and asked who whistled. There was pin drop silence in the class.
He shouted again “Who whistled in my class?”. He looked very angry, I and my friend looked at each other, and we both were very terrified. Teacher looked restless now and said that if in next 2 minutes no one tells him who did this then he will punish the whole class. I was very scared as he looked very angry, I thought that I will keep quiet and will not tell him that it was my mistake.

By now my teacher was really angry and he asked the whole class to stand on the bench for the entire day. That was the moment when I felt really guilty. I felt that if I will not tell the truth now then I will be responsible for this punishment which my whole class has to go through. My guilt was so much strong now that I just raised my hand and told my teacher “Sir, It was me who whistled. I am very sorry Sir.”

He looked shocked, I was a good student and very good in extracurricular activities also which made me favourite of many teachers. He was not able to believe that this misbehaviour was done by me. He shook his head in disbelief and asked if I am sure that I did this and I am not taking someone else’s blame on me. I kept my head low and accepted my mistake again. My teacher gave me punishment to stand on the bench throughout the day, but when I climbed on the bench he asked me to stop. He said it’s okay, I forgive you this time, just don’t repeat it again.

I still remember that day, and how good I felt after telling the truth. The guilt of lying, and being the reason of pain for my friends vanished by telling just one truth. I totally agree that truth is very powerful and the purest thing in this world. Really “bahut chain hota hai sachchai mein.”

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Sach mein bahut chain hota hai, Par mann mein aksar jhoot ka chain hota hai. Good read and yes, it needs lots of will power to be honest and truthful and that's the test of life.

Unknown said...

Great story. I remember a Same incident which happened to us. Some of the students were talking/shouting loudly when the teacher was away and when he came back he punished all of us for it!!! We had to stand for a while with our hands upppp in the air. :| and yeah "the truth may sometimes hurt for a moment but the pain you experience from a lie can last forever" :) but I hope you've watched liar liar(Jim carrey) or that govinda vali movie, forgot it's name but it's copy of liar liar

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