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January 14, 2015

It's just Quikr in Bangalore!

Bangalore is the IT hub of India. Every year thousands of engineers or aspiring engineers come to the city to make a career in Information technology/ software. Also with the growing IT industry people tend to be moving to different cities in India and abroad for the projects. All this makes Bangalore a city which sees many people coming to the city or leavening the city for work related reasons. I came to Bangalore 6 years back to work. I landed here with just two bags full of cloths and books. And after renting the apartment the biggest challenge I had for me was to buy all the household items in the limited budget and time I had.

I remember that in my early days in Bangalore I wanted to buy a fridge for myself but I did not wanted to invest a lot of money in the new fridge as I was not sure if I will settle down in Bangalore or not. So I thought of buying a used fridge but my search was limited only in my friends circle and in friend’s friends circle.  This limited option made it very difficult for me to get a good condition fridge in the budget I had in mind in the given time I had. After trying for some days I ended up buying a new fridge which was heavy on my pocket, but that was the only option I had that time as no good online buying/selling website was available back then to make my life easy.
When I got married, I and my husband came together with our own set of household item. This meant there were few items which were double in number and there were few which we had to buy. Husband was all ready to give some of the stuffs of our maid or apartment guard as he did not wanted to get into the hassle of selling used stuffs. We actually ended up donating many items and spent money on buying new things for our household. I was not very happy with all this but again like my husband even I had no time or energy to sell our old stuffs. As four years back easy to use and trusted buying/selling sites were not around.

Now we will be moving to our new house soon and I am planning to buy many new appliances and furniture, so what I will do with my old stuff, will I donate them again? Hell no, they are all bought recently and are well maintained, I will for sure sell them this time. This will not only save me some money but will also save money and time to the thousands of people who relocate to Bangalore for studies or work. Until you are not sure that you will settle down in a city buying many-things makes no senses but things which are essential need to be bought in any case. For those items looking for used stuff is always a best option. And in city like Bangalore, where people move in and out frequently getting good deals on good condition stuffs is quite easy.

With new and more trusted buying/selling sites that we have these days, it is very easy to find the stuffs we need in nearby locality. Sites like Quikr, provides thousands of options for bike/car/furniture/home appliances in ones budget and in nearby locality, which means one don’t need to travel far to find what they want. And as most of the time the reason for people to sell stuff is relocation due to work, so you can be sure that things you buying are less used and in good condition. So if you are relocating to Bangalore, then don’t take tension about buying stuffs, just use Quikr and save your time and energy which you can use in exploring this beautiful garden city :D


Locomente said...

Quikr makes buying process quicker!!!
Thanks for sharing!

Rajlakshmi said...

I went through the same hassle while relocating. We couldn;t find a good price for our fridge or microwave so had to book truck to send everything home.
Haven't tried Quikr yet. Maybe I should check it out once

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