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January 31, 2015

New Year resolution and Good News

I was thinking of sharing this one thing on my blog with you all from quite some time but I was not sure how to go about it. Traditionally family likes to keep this news secret until it starts showing up, I think you are able to guess it now. Yes, I am talking about that good news only which is actually considered as the “Good News” in India :D We are expecting our bundle of joy to come in our life very soon. And I am very happy to share this news with you all.

Now that the good news is announced, let me come to the New Year resolution part. I know that January is already close to its end and it means that I am very late to share my New Year resolution with you all. Actually specking at the beginning of this year I had no New Year resolution, but then the kind of changes pregnancy brought in my life I kind of started liking some of those changes so much that now I want them to be part of my lifestyle. If I have to name few then the one which tops the chart is not skipping breakfast. I know most of the youngster specially the working guys and girls who stay away from home have this habit of skipping breakfast. All these years I used to skip breakfast everyday and used to blame it on lack of time. Breakfast being the first meal of the day is actually the most important meal of the day. I think we all know the importance and benefits of having a healthy breakfast every day, so I will not preach about it. But I just feel that this habit has brought good health to me so I would like to make it a part of my lifestyle permanently. Other healthy habit which I started during my pregnancy is including at least one whole fresh fruit in my diet every day. Fruits are rich in antioxidants and the results of having them every day were instantly shown on my skin. I never had such radiance on my face before. This healthy glow on my skin came from within, and I give the credit to healthy eating habits. I love this glow and I want it on my face forever so this healthy habit is going to stay with me. In short, a healthy lifestyle is my resolution for the year and I will try my best to keep up to it.

Talking of healthy habits which I made part of my lifestyle, few days back I was looking for a book onYoga and while searching for some good deals on that book online I found some Amazon coupons which helped me save good amount on my purchase. I am planning to do yoga regularly post delivery. Have plans to go for zumba classes too, let’s see how it goes :)

Coming back to the good news, we have just one and half months to go and I am very excited about it. We are looking forward to the good changes which will happen in our life very soon. And I hope with these changes and new adjustments in life I will still be able to keep up with my healthy habits and will not break my New Year resolution this year. fingers-crossed!!


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