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February 1, 2015

Asus IndiBlogger Meet 2015 #GoSleeekASUSexperience

As bloggers we get to connect with lots of people, be it fellow bloggers or readers or sponsors but we mostly meet them in virtual world. It is only the blogger’s meets when we get to meet our friends from the virtual world in reality. Therefore whenever I get change to attend indiblogger meets I try not to miss it. Few days back when I got invite for 2015’s first indiblogger meet I knew that I have to go there. Based on my previous experiences in past blogger meets these meets are a great way to network with fellow bloggers and are so much fun, this meet was no exception either.

This meet being on a working day made me leave from work early. The hash tag for this meet was the longest hash tag I have seen recently and the addition that extra “e” in sleek was also a mystery for me. The meet started with some high energy performance by the inditeam. It was first time for me to see Anoop playing guitar and Nandita sing. And I must say that the performance was amazing. Then in place of doing usual introduction session we were asked to go around meet bloggers and collect 1 personal item from each and people who collect most number of items will get to introduce their blog. This made sure that we move our butt from the comfortable seat and go around and meet more and more people.

 Then came the part which we all were waiting for, the sponsors of the meet Asus introduced us to their two new products which they recently launched in Indian market. The first one was the EeeBook X205, the super compact, low cost notebook. That was when we came to know the reason of having an extra “e” in the hash tag J This new notebook from Asus is very light weight (980gm) which makes it perfect gadget to be used on the go. It is also very slim and despite of being low priced i.e 14,999/- it looks and feel very solid and durable. After seeing its demo at the bloggers meet I am actually thinking of gifting one to my parents.

The second product in line was their new all in one PC ET2040. It’s a PC with 19.5 inch display, 1 hour’s battery backup and hands free gesture control. Which means it is a combination of PC, LAPTOP, TABLET all in one like a perfect entertainment unit in the living room. The gesture control works till 3 meters. So even when you are cooking in the kitchen and PC is there in leaving room you can still open or close web pages of your choice with just the gestures. This is again priced very affordable at 25,999/-

After getting lured by these two amazing new gadgets we finally ended up the session with a group game. Each team was given one theme and we were supposed to endorse blogging in our act while following those them. Bloggers from the other group were guessing the theme on twitter. The prices for best team act and fastest right theme guessing are yet to be given and I feel I was quite quick in guessing those, so fingers-crossed :D  After this we took a group picture and headed straight to the dinner counter. The dinner spared was indeed very yummy. So all in all the first Indiblogger meet of the year was a great combination of remarkable technology, awesome food and super fun. Indeed a very memorable meet to start the year with.



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