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February 1, 2015

Get Quikr NXT!

In the corporate world we are taught to keep a backup of all the communication with customer in written format. Even though we conclude something with the customer or service provider over phone or in a face to face meeting still we send an email consolidating the details discussed in meeting so that if needed later this can work like a reference for both the parties. Recently many online buying/selling/renting sites have come up in India and they are doing very well. Having these sites saves lots of time and hassle for end users who want to buy or sell used goods. But it actually takes a toll on their privacy as one need to keep their contact details visible to all in order to attract more and more buyers. This is not only threat to one’s privacy but also getting calls from buyers at odd times irritates a lot.

I had a colleague who recently relocated, and that time he was selling lots of his household items on such buying/selling sites. He used to get so many calls in office hours and that was not only disturbing for him but it used to disturb us also. Every time he used to get call, he either used to go out of the office or sometimes if he need to refer to some specification of the appliance then he used to talk from his desk, that time we all used to hear his conversations. And believe me that was very uncomfortable for him and disturbing for us.

Recently, the leading buying/selling site Quikr came up with a new feature Quikr NXT which allows buyers and sellers to connect over chat. I personally  prefer chatting over a phone call and some of the reasons for my preference are:

1. Keeping track of the conversation: With the chat history I will get to keep track of all the discussions I had with buyer or seller. So later if any of us have any confusion or disagreement the chat history will work as the guideline. 

2. Connecting at my convenience: Even if a potential buyer or seller wants to chat with me when I am offline I will get a notification and then I can contact them at my convenient time, rather than attending multiple calls when I am busy with something else. I will also not lose on the potential buyers/sellers by missing to attend their phone call as with the chat option being available on smart phones too I can chat with them from anywhere anytime.

3. Privacy: Privacy of my contact number is another big advantage with the new chat option. I can buy and sell my used goods online without even sharing my contact number with everyone. This makes sure that my number is not misused by anyone for anything.

This new chat feature on Quikr gives more control to the end user without even compromising on their privacy. People like my husband who don’t use such sites only because he don’t like his contact details to go public will love this new chat feature on Quikr. So India get ready  to buy/sell used stuffs with Quikr Nxt without even making a single phone call :D No Fikar Chat Quikr !!


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