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February 17, 2015

Live The Life You Have Always Dreamed Of!

Life is a gift which god has given us, now what we do with it is up to us. From the time we are born our parents start dreaming about our bright future. As we grow up we see many dreams for our life. We set goals, aspirations, things we want to achieve in life and start working towards them. But as life progresses many of our dreams take the back seat. The daily grinding of life, responsibilities and liabilities start hold us back from running behind our dreams. We start following the regular path of life, the safe path which leaves us with no time to do things which we really want to do. And slowly things which we want to do but not able to do at that moment start going to our bucket list. Bucket list is a list which can have all the desires, aspirations, dreams of an individual which he/ she wants to achieve.

I too have a bucket list, but my responsibilities holds me back from ticking out things from that list. If given a chance to live a life with no responsibilities or constrain to hold me back, the top few things which I would like to empty from my bucket list first are:

1. Month long Trip to Europe: Europe has so many destinations to offer to tourists, it makes it difficult for me to decide which country to go to and which one to leave. So I want to cover as many places in Europe as I can. But at the same time I don’t want a trip with mad rush to just tick off the places from my list. I want to do a month long trip to Europe where I will get time to admire the beauty of various destinations and understand their culture like local.

2. Owning my dream Home: Owning a house is a social security and responsibility and by buying a good apartment at posh location in my city I have fulfilled that responsibility of mine.  This being my first home is very close to my heart, but I am still waiting to own my dream home. My dream home will not be an apartments, it will be an independent house with a big garden. A house with plenty of space for my family, friends and my passion. I want to make a home which has a big library in it with a very comfortable couch, where I can spend all my lazy afternoons. A big movie room with lots of recliners and a big screen where I can watch all the classic movies with my loved ones. A terrace garden where I can sip my morning coffee and a big specious kitchen where I can experiment with food I love.

3. Scuba Diving: I am ashamed to tell this but I must admit that I am one of the few people who don’t know swimming. But I have this fancy of doing scuba diving and experiencing the marine life closely.

4. Seeing the sunrise in Hot Air balloon: I have always had a fancy for hot air balloons, seeing them on TV or photos makes me want to be there myself. Recently when I went to the USA, I got chance to experience hot air balloon ride. But that time I left that chance as I wanted to experience this lovely thing with my husband. And then later we did not do it due to lack of time. So next whenever I get chance I would like to go up in the air and watch the sunrise, while being in my husband’s arm.  

5. Mystery of Egyptian Pyramid: The mystery Egyptian pyramids have always fascinated me. The concept of life after death which Egyptians believed on is exciting and scary at the same time. Getting to visit the pyramids and seeing it in person will give me chance to know and experience their mysterious culture more closely.

These are my top five items from my bucket list which I want to do as soon as I can. But to get such tension free life I will have to take some wise decisions now which can secure my future. And give me the freedom to live my life my way #BefikarUmarBhar.


Rajlakshmi said...

You have listed all my wishes!! everything!! :D
Sigh!! some day some day we both will live these dreams :D

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