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February 15, 2015

#UnconditionalLove with the Zenfone

Love is a beautiful thing, and everyone should fall in love at least once in their life. In today’s world where everything comes with some “conditions applied” finding true unconditional love is a big challenge. Now our lives are so fast paced that we end up spending more time with our phones and other gadgets than our partners. This sometimes makes me feel that our smart phones are our real partners these days, without which we can’t even imagine our life. Now a person looks sadder when his/her phone crashes than when he/she is dumped by their girlfriend or boyfriend. When we are giving so much love, time and importance to our smart phones then we surly deserve to get back the same unconditional love from them.

Recently ASUS came up with their Zenfone range which promises to give unconditional love to its users. And five reasons which make me believe that this is my ideal Valentine are:
1.       Long-lasting togetherness:  With ultimate battery life of 12+ hours ASUS Zenfone makes sure to  be with me for hours without charging. It can stay with me like a true companion without giving me the headache of looking for charging stations after every few hours. And for someone like me who is lazy to charge my phone every day, this is a total bliss.

2.       Keeping me entertained: Like any other girl I like my partner to be entertaining. A boring companion is never fun to hangout with. With High resolution, big display it can bring life like experience to my favourite videos. The amazing sound quality can make me experience each and every beat of my favourite with clarity. And the awesome camera will let me capture each and every precious moment of my life on the go with ease.

3.       Touch of love: Now all the phones in market comes with touch screen but this one come with gorilla glass protection and has an anti fingerprint coating on screen. So I can touch it as much as I want and whenever I want without worrying about making the screen dirty. It has fast response time to the touch. So an impatient soul like me will always feel that someone is responding to my touch immediately.  

4.       Multitasking and high performance:  Every girl likes a smart companion, who can help her with in kitchen, and will help her with some office work too with the same ease. Same way this smart phone is such a multitasker that it lets you enjoy the music while checking your office emails or making presentations on the go.

5.       Being light on my pocket: it is not always true that only girlfriends are high maintenance, same is true with guys too. Even if your know someone who is scoring high on all your expectations as a partner but is out of your reach then there is no point in chasing them for years. Instead be with someone who you like and who can be yours. Available at great price point Zenfone is light on my pocket and is within my reach. It fulfils all my demands and puts no unwanted burden on my pocket. Total win-win!!

With these reasons the zenfone is surly a true companion for me, who can give me #UnconditionalLove this Valentine season. So if you are also looking for your share of #UnconditionalLove still then Zenfone is available here just for you :)




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