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March 11, 2015

My Look Up Story

How we look at things defines what we see. A person with positive attitude will see things straight and one with negative will see things going wrong only. It’s our attitude which defines our altitude and its optimism which give us hope for better future. We often say that time has changed now, world is not a good place to live as it used to be. All these thoughts does nothing but fills us with negativity and takes our belief away from humanity, however optimism is the way of life which makes us hopeful for good. It brings back our belief in humanity and goodness.

Talking of such incidents from my life where optimism kept me going, I am going to share a recent one. Though I am quite a balanced person but when in pain like many of us I too tend to think negative. I have very low pain tolerance and I am very sacred of needles and everything which can hurt me. I always used to have this weird feeling that I will die while delivering my baby. When I got married I shared this feeling of mine with my husband and he just laughed at it and ignored the conversation. When I got pregnant like everyone else in the family I was extremely happy too but at the same time this fear of getting hurt while delivering the baby was there with me. I used to do self counselling and was motivating myself that I can do it. However when the day arrived I kept very strong face and tried baring the pain for very long but after being half way through when the pain increased a lot my positivity started to give up. I was constantly telling my husband to get Cesarean done for me, I was telling him that I can’t bare the pain anymore and I am going to die. But he stood by me firm and strong, he kept on motivating me, did everything to divert my mind from the pain. He kept on telling me that you can do it, just think about the cute little baby you will get to meet at the end of this pain. Somehow with his motivation and the help from the supportive staff at the hospital I went through the painful journey faster than expected by the doctors and at the end when I saw my son all my pain vanished. After that whatever needle and all the doctors were pocking me with, I felt no pain. My husband’s motivation and my son’s cute face made me optimistic about coming happy days and I bared the toughest pain on earth in better way than I expected. At the end doctors were really impressed by my will power and my husband’s supportive nature, and we two were super happy as new parents.

It was only my hope to see my cute little bundle of joy which kept me going through all this pain. It was only optimism which kept our belief firm on a better tomorrow and today we are really happy as 1 week old parents. Now looking at my son’s face when I think back of that painful day, it feels it was all worth it. 


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