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March 10, 2015

New Life New Beginning

In this world only one thing is constant and that is change. Change brings new meaning, new dimensions to life. Like all of us I too have taken many chances in my life which bought changes in my life in many ways. And if I have to talk about one thing which bought the biggest and best change in my life then it would be moving away from my family for my first job.

After collage when I got placed in a start-up VLSI company in Bangalore, where as all my other friends were placed in well established software companies my parents (especially my dad) were a little worried. VLSI being an industry they did not knew much about, they though I will not have much career scope.  And the company I got placed in being a start-up was making them more scared. I was the only girl who got placed there from my collage so they had that other fear of me being alone in new city too. Everyday my dad used to tell me to not accept the offer letter and get some job in my hometown only. He also wanted me to peruse career in soft ware as most of the engineers do, but I was not interested in that. Somewhere my dad’s concern and fear made me stronger about taking up the job and accepting the challenge to do well in life in an unknown city all alone.

When it was time for me to join the company, my dad wanted to accompany me to Bangalore. However I wanted to come here alone as I was sure that if he will see that my company is so small he might not like it and might ask me to comeback with him. I decided to go to Bangalore alone, and assured him that I will take care of myself and will inform him immediately if there is any problem.

Luckily there were no issues I faced in this friendly city and I liked my work and company. Slowly and steadily I learnt more and did well in my work. After a year and half I switched to a well known company in VLSI domain and after taking an apartment on rent when I invited my parents to visit me, my dad was the happiest to see how confident and self depended I was. He was happy that I liked my job so much. And with my new pay, which was better than many of my friends working in soft ware giant’s I felt more successful in my career which made my parents feel proud of me. This was one of my decisions which brought a big change in my life. It made me confident, independent, and helped me win confidence of my parents in my abilities. To #StartANewLife one need to take chance, bigger the chance better the change it will bring.


Srishti said...

This is really inspiring! Great work and congratulations.

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