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March 14, 2015

Together, I feel secure

Optimistic outlook to life is the best way to lead life, but staying optimistic all day everyday is a difficult task to do. We tend to feel negative, sad, and miserable about things at times. Sometimes we know that nothing can change that situation or we know how to fix the issue but we just want an assurance from our loved ones that they are there with us to get the energy to get going. I consider myself quite a practical person still sometimes I feel miserable about something and that is when I just need someone to listen to me and be empathetic to me. Before marriage I used to turn to my close friends and my mom for such things. But after marriage it’s mainly my husband whom I look up to for all the support and positivity.

It is very difficult for me to talk about just one incident when he supported me and gave me the positivity I needed to go through that situation. However one incident which I remember more clearly, was this one evening when I came back home crying from office, because of one colleague’s misbehavior. I have considered her more like a friend than a colleague but something which she spoke on my back was very hurtful for me. I get close to people very easily and once I consider someone my friend I be friends with them forever. So for me this came across like a shock. I came home and my husband opened the door for me, I just hugged him tight and started crying. He was furious and was asking me again and again the reason of such outburst, and when I told him the reason he consoled me and asked me to get ready to go out for coffee.

While walking out he talked to me about many other things which were not related to this colleague of mine so that he can divert my mind. And when I looked normal he told me something which I really liked and now I use always. He told me, where there is competition friendship or love cannot be there.  Workplace is a palace where everyone wants to give their best and be the best and then in the race of being the best sometimes people tend to do or say something which can be hurtful to other. May be they don’t mean to hurt you but you are hurt because you took it personally. So in the business world keep professional and personal things separate, when you mix these two you will have problems. I listened to him with open mind and felt how right he is. Even I knew these things but with mind filled with negativity I was not able to think straight. With his support I cleared my mind and then things looked better.  Even if we know what is right what is wrong we still can’t see it if mind is filled with negative thoughts. The positivity we get from our loved ones make us realize what is the right, it’s always their presence which makes all the difference and together we feel safe J


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