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August 20, 2015

The Fastest Network

In today’s world when all the information is just a click away from us having good Internet connectivity 24/7 is very important. Now the power of Internet is so much that be it knowledge, entertainment, shopping, or money matters each and everything is there on it. I am a big Internet buff myself, I search for anything to everything on Internet and it is the most trusting source of knowledge I have with me these days.

I am a new mom who is curious about everything related to her baby, during pregnancy and after it also I always turned to Internet to find answers for my questions. My mom was so jealous of it that on several occasions she told me to search the same on Internet if I don’t believe her. As much as I rely on Internet for knowledge that much my husband rely on it for entertainment. He is a big Hollywood movie buff and a big fan of many well-known series. He has a good collection of both and he keeps adding new one to his collection by downloading them from Internet. However he hates to download low quality prints and the good prints are bigger in size which takes longer to download and that makes him really restless. On the other hand I like to be connected on the go all the time, but my mobile data does not support the speed I want most of the time. If I have a question and I am not able to see the video related to that due to Internet slowness it irritates the hell out of me. 
So if we will get a 4G Internet connection which is super-fast, me and my husband will be super happy. I will be able to see and learn a lot of things from Internet be it backing a cake, making baby food, decorating his nursery or how to solve an issue with my laptop keyboard. I will be able to cook with the video running alongside, no more burnt food due to the long buffering time which leaves me clueless about the next step. And my husband will be able to download and watch new movies and series as soon as the good prints are available, no overnight weighting. Having the 4G speed connectivity in my phone will enable me to be able to browse from anywhere and I will be able to keep myself occupied and entertained even when I am stuck in bad  traffic :P

As we both are working professionals, who on most of the days bring work to home will also be benefited by fast network. We will be able to wrap up work quickly and will have more time to relax and unwind. Now we are so much dependent on Internet that having the faster network connectivity is the need of the hour. Just a faster speed connection can change our life so much for the better that I can't wait to try it on myself :) 


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