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October 21, 2015

Real Togetherness

In this digital age when everyone has so much information and entertainment available on their fingertips, it is actually making us isolated from the real world. You can find people looking at their smart phones or tablets while walking. If you fall on the road chances are that you will not get a hand for help as everyone will be busy on their gadgets and will not even notice you. In this digital world we are more connected to a Stranger sitting miles away than someone who is sitting just next to us.   

We had one meal together rule in our house and we used to love it. That used to be our time to catch up with each other. After marriage it was just 2 of us who used to eat one meal together every day. But In-between I happened to go for a long business trip and that was when my husband developed this habit of watching videos in his laptop while having dinner. He will have earphones on so he was totally disconnected from me. This was really bothering me. I even told him that it is bad manner to not talk to the person eating with you and only look at your laptop, but he had many excuses. Like he doesn’t get any time to watch his favourite series, this is an important episode and so on. Even on vacations we used to get more connected to outside world then each other, blame free wifi for that.
But then this onetime we went for holidaying in a jungle resort where there was no wifi. Even getting cellular network was difficult over there. We had no TV in room too, so only way of entertainment we had was each other’s company. I must say that the absence of all the digital connectivity actually helped us connect with each other better. We spent lots of time together on beach and did many fun activities. We had our dinner together on the beach below the sky full of stars. We shared out childhood memories, teenage gossips, dreams and goals with each other. And it actually helped us a lot to know each other even better. We were amazed that even after living together for 2 years we knew so less about each other. And getting off the digital connectivity gave us so much time to know each other so very well. We were so happy with this whole experience that we decided to go to that place again and do one jungle resort holiday each year, where we can be close to nature and each other.

Now that we have a baby, we would like to spend simile quality time with him too, So that we all connect better with each other. And to do that if we will have to be disconnected from the digital world for sometimes then why not, After all this real togetherness is actually worth it.  

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