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June 9, 2019

5 Things I learned the Hardway

Life is not a bed of roses, not even for the most blessed people, they have their own set of challenges. And especially when you want to improve yourself and your life with every passing day, it’s not a cakewalk. Everyday bring us different experiences, it’s up to us if we want to learn from those or let it go. Every person who crosses our life and every incident which takes place is an opportunity to absorb and improve ourselves. And in my existence on this planet, in the process of becoming better and happier I have learned few things the hard way

1    1. You can’t make everyone happy

How much ever you like this to happen, it’s very difficult to make everyone around you happy. Each one can have different requirements and at times they can be contradictory to one another. You cannot make the points meet in such case. So, stop taxing yourself for pleasing everyone. I used to be a people-pleaser, will always put everyone before me, but I never got such gesture back from them. I kept burning myself and slowly there was lot of frustration buildup. Hence, I decided to stop pleasing everyone around me. I do things which are important, I try not to hurt anyone knowingly, but I don’t go extra miles to satisfy all of them in all possible ways.

2    2.  Your happiness is the key

Now that you are not busy pleasing other, concentrate on yourself. An empty glass can’t fill another one, until you are happy you can’t spread positivity. I have seen this personally, when I am happy I am more productive. My positive feeling radiates to people around me. When I sulk, I can’t be my best, and my happiness is my responsibility. So, work on your own happiness, create it, don’t expect other to do it for you.

3    3.  Be what you are

Never ever pretend to be what you are not. We pretend mostly to mingle with few or please few others. But that is not healthy for you. You can’t be what you are not for long and it will be disappointing for others also to know that they never knew the real your, comes across as a negative trait. Mostly people pretend to please others and as said earlier, you can’t please all and be happy. Be yourself, you will be comfortable, and you will find people around your who really value YOU. At the same time, be clear that pretending and improving are two different things 😊

4    4.  Physical and mental health are one

I learned this when I was going through a very low phase in my life (sometimes we tend to miss on our blessing and start counting only issues). Work stress was at its peak and I was still a new mother, I was trying hard to make ends meet and that somewhere was taking toll on me. When I talked about this to an expert, first thing she asked me was, do you drink enough water, do you do any physical activity/exercise, do you sleep enough. And as soon as I tried taking care of these things for a week, I saw significant improvement in my mood and behavior. I was amazed to see this and from then I am a true believer that mental and physical health are interrelated. So be whatever, do take time out to take care of yourself. Keep yourself hydrated, try to sleep for 6 hours at least, and do some exercise be it yoga/gym/ or just some walk. You will see the changes in you yourself.

1    5.  You have time

And after reading all the above points if your response is that I don’t have time to do any of this, then my friend you are wrong. You have time, you have good amount of time to do everything you want to do. All you need to do is, prioritize what you want to do and why. Cut on your screen time or time on internet and you will have time to exercise, read a book, meet a friend or have a hobby. It’s all about prioritizing and willingness to do. Trust me when I say this I am a mother of 4 after all 😊

May 12, 2019

Perfect Mother

Motherhood is rewarding yet challenging. My mother used to cook for me every time I crave to eat something special, on other hand I do order-in when my son asks for some special treat. My mom had to go and meet my teachers if she wanted any update on me, I can Whats-app my kid’s teacher or can investigate his daily activities through the school app. Technology has made life easier for all of us, including the mothers. Yet in this time and age being a mother is not simple.

Now the challenges are different. You are constantly getting judged and compared. The pressure of being the prefect mother, who have perfect kids and perfect home is more than ever. Mother who is expected to be in shape and look polished all the time, Mother who is working so that she can be the provider too and can bring more on table. There is a lot of compression and believe it or not we end up giving in to it mostly and burn ourselves.

Hence today on mother’s day I take a moment to congratulate all the mothers and tell them that you are doing amazingly great job as a mom. And never ever feel guilty for these:
  • Your Body does not look like before, how it can be. It has shaped a human, kept a life inside it for 9 months and later nurtured it though breastfeeding.
  •  The stretchmark which makes you shy away from flaunting your belly. Remember for every stretchmark you are sad about there is a woman who wants it.
  • Your house is unkempt, that is okay. Kid is your priority, look after them, don’t be harsh on yourself. House will be cleaned later, or ask for help
  • Took a career break, and there is a lot of competition out there. You will be few years behind in your career but the memories you created with kids while staying back home will be cherished forever.
  • Going to work leaving an infant with someone else. When the kid grows up, they will have a role model of independence and multitasking. Also, they will become independent and social sooner.
  •  Not able to attend all PTMs or take kid to every single activity and class due to your job timings. Kids will excel in things they are good at anyway and look-up to you for being committed to your work. Let your partner attend some, Dad and kid will improve their bond.
  • You are human, so you make mistakes. Kids will learn to have acceptance and give chances. They will get to see real life and won’t be too disappointed when they grow up and face the world.

So, this Mother’s Day in place of signing the glory of mother’s love and sacrifices, let us accept and celebrate the imperfections. Because at end what my kid will remember about me is my love for him and nothing else. Because no mother is perfect or imperfect, every mother is the best mother to her kids.

May 11, 2019

DIY- Bottle Photo frame

DIY and crafts are such a stress buster, it gives me lot of happiness and satisfaction. The confidence boost for the creative me and the pleasure of recycling or up-cycling the old/unwanted stuff make me glad. Below is a pic of few of the bottles which I pained in past using acrylic paints or glass paints for your reference 😊 they are easy to do and looks beautiful on display.

But this time I wanted to do something other than painting them, and the idea of making bottle photo frame stuck to me. To my surprise it came out very well, it’s easy and fun craft to do with kids also during summer vacation.

This bottle my brother got from Thailand for me, I like its shape, wide enough to display picture, hence I selected this bottle for this craft. Enough of my blabbering, let me share with you all, how I made this bottle photo frame.

Things we need:
·       Empty clean glass bottle
·       Sand
·       Sea shells (as I had beach theme in mind)
·       Pearls or beads for decoration
·       Hot glue gun
·       skewer sticks
·       Photo of your choice

1# First, gather all the stuff at one place so that you don’t have to move around looking for things 😊
2# using a funnel put the sand inside the bottle, little at a time. I have used black and normal sand. Fill only less than ¼ of the bottle. In case you don’t have funnel handy, use a pager like I did in picture.
3# Now roll the photo and insert it inside the bottle. Go slow, make sure it goes and sits well in the sand. Do cut the picture if its big for the bottle. Adjust it inside the bottle using the skewer sticks. Have patience and do this slowly, don’t shake the bottle else the sand might come out
4# Add seashell or anything which you want to add inside the bottle for decoration (as per your theme). Using skewer sticks adjust it at the place you want it to sit. I added only 2 as bottle was small.

5# once you get your desired placement of photo inside the bottle, tie some cotton on skewer sticks and carefully clean the bottle from inside for any stains of sand and dust.
6# now it’s time to seal our creation. If you have the original cap of bottle, then use that or else you can use beads or shell etc. like I did.
7# using beads, glitters, pearls etc. decorate the bottle from outside as per your choice. I used seashells, hot glue gun helped to stick them on glass bottle.
8# Done! Put it on display 😊

The picture I have used here was taken during out Dubai vacation. It was Vivaan’s first Beach visit, so I wanted this picture to be framed with beach theme. I have kept it on shelf along with other souvenirs we had got from Dubai, and they all look great together😊 I am very happy with the outcome and hope you all like it too. Now go and try it out yourself. Happy Crafting!!

May 8, 2019

Lucky Go Happy

Holla everyone,

First of all sorry for so less frequency of posts. But I hope things will change soon😊

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Lucky Go Happy

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April 9, 2019


जिंदगी तु बस  इतना  बता  की  तु चाहतीं क्या है....
क्या भीड़  में  भी तनहाई तेरी  जरूरत हैं|

अपनो के  नाम  पे  तुघे परछाई  तक बर्दाश्त नहीं....
अंधेरो  से इश्क़ करना  हीं  तेरी फितरत  है ?

जो मिलता  नहीं उसके  पीछे  दौड़ी  चली  जा  रही  है....
जो पास  है उसे  भूल  जाना  तेरी आदत है ?

तू खिचेगी  मुझे  या मैं  तुझको  थामूंगी, ये  फैसला  मेरा  होगा  तेरे  मशवरे की न मुझे जरुरत है  ....

मैं धुंडु  रौशनी या खुद  सवेरा  बन  जाऊ  ...ये मेरी  चाह  है तेरी राह  नहीं |

अपनी  खुशियों  में खिल  जाऊ या जल  के रौशन  उनको  कर  जाऊ ...अब  बस यही  सवाल  है, शिकायत  कोई  नहीं !

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